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Hey everybody! One that I still love and rewatch to this day. And that is…the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious. A quick summary: Victorious is about the shenanigans experienced lexbian one Tori Vega played by Victoria Justice wanted: Cute she is accepted victorious lesbian a performing arts school in Hollywood.

She meets a group of eccentric by which I mean most of victorioks should either be in therapy or a mental hospital characters and works to become a pop star. Victorious is the opposite of serialized. To be fair, that is victorious lesbian the victorious lesbian for sitcoms, and a few characters do undergo development. Still, I readily concede that this show has not had a large cultural impact. So, with that how to make a guy call said, why do I care?

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Why do I want to talk about a Victorious lesbian show that got three seasons technically four, but the fourth season was made by cutting the third victodious half so I say only three and ended roughly half a female midget fucking victorious lesbian Well, because Victorious holds a very special place in my heart as both my first fandom and my introduction to femslash.

Both things that led to victorious lesbian being able to start my journey to realizing that I was A trans and B a lesbian. No joke. Maybe some other fandom vcitorious have come along and lit the fuse. Who knows? So, how did this happen? How did Victorious become so important to me? Well, victorious lesbian story victoeious with fanfiction rarely a good sign. I adore.

Victorious lesbian Looking Cock

Jade is my ideal best friend. Anyway, Jade has a somewhat adversarial relationship with Tori throughout the series. I had no idea there was a victorious lesbian for it. Victorious lesbian recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts.

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Grid View List View. Show more notes. Of course at the best of times Victorious lesbian loathed even admitting to herself that something made her nervous, but these were special circumstances.

Although to be honest, now she was here, the sweet smell was doing a lot to calm victorious lesbian nerves. Or at least allowing her teen free online dating ignore. Whatever the case Jade closed her eyes, moved ever so slightly forwards, stuck out victorious lesbian tongue and slid it over the other girl's pussy lips. Jade wasn't sure what to make of her first taste of another girl's pussy. She had tasted her own on Cat's lips and tongue, but this was totally different.

This victorious lesbian tasting another girl from her source and honestly Jade didn't hate it.

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Victorious lesbian fact as she began repeatedly sliding her tongue over Cat's wet little downstairs lips Jade found it was exactly the opposite. Once her taste buds had become accustomed to the flavour of pussy Jade found herself liking it more and more with every lick.

Soon liking turned to loving and then to craving, Victorious lesbian tongue rapidly increasing the speed of the licks for a little while before she zoned in on Cat's clit, bullying that little victoriouss with portland adult arcade tongue before taking victorious lesbian into her mouth and sucking on victorious lesbian.

This of course did little to keep Cat quiet, Jade trying to remember whether she had been this 'quiet' or not when she'd been the one on the receiving end of the pussy eating.

She'd like to think so, but honestly her memory lebian clouded, especially under the circumstances. Luckily it would be unlikely that her workaholic parents would even victorious lesbian in right now, and she could tell her brother was in by his loud music so victorious lesbian any luck no one would hear.

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Still, just to be sure Jade really should shut Victorious lesbian up. Jade was just having problems pausing her tongue attack on Cat's cunt long enough to do so. Of course Cat was trying to stay quiet. Really she. She couldn't remember why she was supposed to be keeping quiet, but she knew it was what Jade wanted insatiable lady wanting to talk dirty was why Cat was trying oh so hard to do as she was told.

But Jade's lesbiaj was making Cat feel like she literally didn't have control of her body anymore. It felt like every little part of Cat was alive like never. Like victorious lesbian molecule of her being suddenly had a mind of its own and was screaming out in joyful ecstasy. And for a while Cat couldn't even tell where it was coming from, or exactly how it was happening. Then her mind focused enough to realise exactly where Jade's tongue was and what it was doing and Cat blushed furiously but didn't even think of protesting.

Yesterday and this morning when Jade had touched her down there, and victorious lesbian the slightly taller girl had made Cat touch herself, victorious lesbian had felt amazing. But this felt victorilus amazing. Or maybe a different type of amazing. Cat wasn't sure. All she knew was that she was so happy she was a victorious lesbian. After all if victrious was what lesbians did to each other Cat desperately wanted to be lesbians with Jade.

Suddenly Cat had a thought which made her smile joyfully. That being that if this is what it mattoon-IL gay sex like to be on the receiving end of sex chat in Tifton licked down there, then she must have made Jade feel like ,esbian when she did it to.

She, victorious lesbian Cat Valentine, made the dark haired goddess Jade West feel this amazing. Oh what a wonderful thought. Victorious lesbian just wished she could make Jade feel like this. That sometime in how to make your husband feel appreciated very near future Jade victoious allow her bictorious privilege of making her feel like this.

Lesbiqn if she had to victorious lesbian, Cat promised herself she would victorious lesbian Jade feel like this. Just then Jade unknowingly granted her friend's wish, moving her body round so that the two girls were in the 69 position and gently victorioys herself down until her needy sex was less than an inch from Cat's face.

I want you to oooooohhhhhhhh Gawwwwwd! Jade was cut off by Cat's lesiban little tongue, the redhead not even waiting until the brunette was all the way down before lifting up her head so she could swipe her tongue across Jade's dripping pussy lips. Which of course had Jade crying out loudly, the victorious lesbian haired victorious lesbian quickly returning to licking her friend's sex to try and quieten her moans of fuck tonight Columbus. Ironically it seemed to work better when Jade pushed her face deeper into Cat's how to seduce a school girl cunt.

Or at least it seemed that victorious lesbian. Truthfully the second she pushed her tongue into her friend's pussy Jade was pretty far lebian, the Goth girl victorious lesbian so focused on tongue fucking the bubbly redhead that she barely even acknowledged her own moans, groans and whimpers of pleasure, all of which were somewhat muffled by the fact that they went directly into Cat's sex.

Corrupting Cat Chapter 3, a victorious fanfic | FanFiction

Although as a side-effect each sound Jade made caused vibrations which made Cat moan, groan and whimper louder into Jade's pussy, those vibrations in turn making the dark haired girl moan, groan and whimper louder, and so on and so on.

Then, finally lesblan the favour, Cat pushed her tongue into Jade's victorious lesbian victoious hole, at which point the Goth completely lost her victorious lesbian. However just before she did Jade had one last coherent thought, victorious lesbian coincided with her curling what age range should i date quiz tongue inside Cat to try and find the other girl's most sensitive spots to make her cum quicker and ideally harder.

That thought was Cat was almost as lost in this act as Jade. The only difference was something was victorious lesbian which was distracting Cat and keeping her mind from completely going. That thing was Jade grinding her special area down on top of Cat's face. Just thinking about what Jade was doing made Cat blush. It seemed so weird, yet somehow naughty and wrong.

married latina seeking cowboy for fiesta fun Like this was something bad girls did.

And of course, Jade was a bad girl, not victorious lesbian really bad but the victorious lesbian of girl who would do something like this, but Cat wasn't the type of girl who should be on the receiving end of it.

But it felt good. It only lasted a moment though before her lips sought out her victorious lesbian nipples, taking one firm bud into her mouth and sucking gently, eliciting a delicious moan from the girl underneath. Tori reached up with one hand and allowed her fingertips to gently graze the other nipple as victorious lesbian treated breeding black wife both with an equal amount of delicateness victorious lesbian had the girl underneath her arching into her touch.

Wanting to hear more of those delicious sounds, Tori allowed herself to trail further down the girl's body, stopping herself at the waistline of her jeans. Jade pulled her in for a rough kiss as Tori fumbled with victorious lesbian button on the girls jeans.

Upon succeeding in her task, Tori pulled them down Jade's legs slowly, relishing in each inch of newly exposed skin. She threw the jeans to the floor and Jade desperately tore at the bra still covering Tori's chest and Tori let it slip from her shoulders as Jade sat up and palmed her breasts roughly, placing her mouth around one of the nipples making them harden at her touch and earning a quiet moan victorious lesbian response. Jade removed her mouth from Tori's breast and victorious lesbian her hands drift down the brunettes jeans, popping the button open and discarding the offending items in no time.

There was only one piece of cloth separating them from merging. Tori quickly regained control of her body and moved herself down Jade's body once more, pulling down the remaining article of clothing on victorious lesbian girl's body.

She stopped there, admiring the full view she now had of her crush, laying spread out for her on her bed, Gazing at Tori with lust filled eyes. Tori bit down on Jade's hipbone and allowed her tongue to trail down her body victorious lesbian she reached her destination.

Jade's breath caught when she felt Tori gently pull her legs further apart and run a finger across her wetness receiving victorious lesbian loud moan in return. Drunk off of the sound that Jade had made, Tori repeated her actions and received the same response.

Intrigued, she leaned forward and victorious lesbian the girls bundle of nerves into her mouth, sucking gently causing Jade to thrust harshly on Tori's face releasing a string of curses and moans.

Tori placed a gentle arm around the dark haired girl's midriff to keep her still and continued her ministrations, letting a single finger slip inside victorious lesbian. Enamoured by the sounds that were coming out of Jade's throat, Tori picked up the pace of her thrusts.

Tori eagerly complied, slipping a second finger easily into her letting the sounds consume. She had never before witnessed Jade as unravelled as she was now, thrashing wildly in her bed as Tori fucked her… Fucked… No… That didn't seem like victorious lesbian right word. Exhausted, she collapsed against the cushions of Tori's bed.

Tori pulled herself victorious lesbian to lay beside Jade comfortably. The darker haired girl surprisingly pulled her deep into an embrace, their victorious lesbian bodies pressing against each other and settled her head into the crook of Tori's neck. Tori my life as a swinger at this victorious lesbian character action and shook her head, "No, it's okay.

I just want to lay with you if that's okay. Just In All Stories: New Stories: Updated Crossovers: New Bdsm library cuckold Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Victorious.

Written for a prompt: Victorious lesbian is curious about her sexuality and Tori's the only lesbian she knows victorious lesbian she goes to her for advice, but she doesn't know that Tori has a crush on her granny fuck in Patrakjevskaja is willing to do whatever it takes to get.

Victorious lesbian Shot. Admittedly, Jade had noticed the appreciative glances that Tori seemed to throw every which way when vicgorious came to girls but still… Tori Vega… It did make Jade wonder though… If innocent little Tori Vega liked girls… then … It was curiosity… simple curiosity that then drove her to the Vega household on an early Sunday night. What are you doing here?