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I guess when a blogging site restricts and censors content and their customers flee to other venues this what happens; they lose WordPress, you got yourself a bargain…maybe. Many discussions of sub drop examine the physical aspects of post-scene aftercare but often submissive love tumblr the more chronic and potentially crippling emotional effects.

18+ Only. NSFW. Lesbian. Bondage. Dom/Sub. Reblogs only. When it comes to dominance I love getting in the mind of my submissive and pushing their soft limits taking them to places the never thought they could go or. I'm a 21 year old submissive owned by my master and Dom and this is a blog of the things we like and the tasks I am set.

Too often, submissives and other BDSM partners are left submissive love tumblr suffer in silence palma girls often alone, the worst possible outcome. Immediately following a scene or BDSM play, a submissive may experience an emotional high, a carefree feeling, an overwhelming sense of being free of stress and worries.

However, when submizsive feeling fades it can be replaced by other less desirable emotions. While this may happen immediately or within a few hours following a scene, it can also manifest submissive love tumblr for several submissivd to even a week or more after a hard scene.

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But they can also be a byproduct of physical exertion and stressors encountered during the course of play as. These physical effects only serve to compound the psychological impact.

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One of the causes of mental or emotional drop can be a sense submissive love tumblr loss ferris IL cheating wives about by a feeling of being suddenly disconnected from a BDSM partner. During the scene, a feeling of intense intimacy is created between the Dominant and submissive and if that contact is not maintained into the post-scene environment, a feeling of tumbblr akin to the mourning of a death can submissive love tumblr in.

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During a scene a submissive looks to the Dominant for a feeling of safety and security, allowing them to feel profoundly vulnerable submissive love tumblr exposed. The result is that a submissive can be left feeling used or lovw. Submissive love tumblr and shame are also very common feelings ,ove during emotional sub drop. These can be brought about by submizsive of social stigmas against BDSM and sexual activity. There can also be a sense of disbelief on the part of a submissive that they would actually allow themselves to do submissive love tumblr things they have done or be treated in the way that they have submussive.

Shame can play a major role in emotional drop compounded by a sense of isolation. Severe emotional sub drop can have long lasting effects. A serious occurrence with little or no care can damage or destroy a relationship between a Dom and sub, the trust bond having been severed between the submissive love tumblr.

As with all emotions, sub drop can also influence reactions to future scenes, the effects of which should be melbourne escort agencies closely.

It is important that every effort be made to make sure that a scene ends as a positive pove. The best way to cope with mental sub drop is relatively simple but the responsibility falls squarely on the Dominant, ACE:. Aftercare should be more than a Dom simply making sure the submissive is submissive love tumblr all right.

It should also be a period of positive reinforcement, reassurance, and connection. The submissive is especially vulnerable in the period directly after a scene submissive love tumblr they have regained their faculties.

They need to feel safe, valued, and cared for during this period so that the whole scene experience is a positive one. This does not simply mean casual submissive love tumblr, but rather being genuinely available and prepared to really listen and allow the submissive to express what they are feeling.

Many times deep emotions come up during this period and by providing a receptive submissive love tumblr for them, the Dom can help the submissive explore all the feelings conjured up during the scene and afterward and prevent them from festering and causing real damage. Expression of positive reinforcement is one of the most crucial aspects of submissive love tumblr. With a few kind and loving words a Dom can allow the submissive to feel pride in his or her self.

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Express honest positive thoughts and emotions submissive love tumblr. Compliment them on how they did and what they did. This single aspect of after care will have the greatest affect on avoiding severe mental sub drop and resulting after effects.

Making the interaction between Dom and sub a positive experience can help minimize or prevent guilt or shame that might be felt later. Above all, be there for each. Drop is not submissive love tumblr solely to submissives, Doms can feel profound emotional drop as beautiful couple wants sex Huntsville and for similar reasons.

It is crucial that submissive love tumblr bond that brought you together to play in the BDSM space in the first place be maintained through the scene and well into the hours and days that follow. Sibmissive kind, loving and considerate to each.

Support one another and above all be patient. I have often been asked to write about Collars and Collaring but have been reluctant submissive love tumblr do so because Sunmissive have strong personal views about Collars and their use and am hesitant to stir up controversy.

In addition, I have not felt qualified submissive love tumblr speak with any authority on Collars because thus far I have never Collared a submissive. Eubmissive I first discovered the leather world several decades back, the mere mention of the Collar made submissives drool and Dominants stiffen their submissive love tumblr. There was a strong sense of pride associated with the term and its use.

The act of Collaring was a sign of intense and sober commitment. To receive the Collar of a Dominant was something a submissive love tumblr would dream about and strive to achieve.

Today, collars literally and figuratively have Velcro enclosures, cyber glue and are often relegated to being little more than a cute or kinky fashion accessory. They have become so prevalent that decorative day collars can be seen worn in the mall by teens having no concept of their purpose or importance. In the online space, people give and receive collars with astounding frequency and with little regard to their meaning. Collars come in many forms and while they are often talked about only a few are worn with honor anymore.

They are the property of the Dominant and should subissive be granted and removed by the Dom. However, in extreme naughty ladies looking sex tonight Taichung the submissive or slave may petition the Dom to have the Collar removed.

This is typically a request made only for the purposes of submissive love tumblr the relationship and is generally loce as being irreversible.

The Collar old women sex Huntsville Consideration is intended submissive love tumblr be temporary and worn during a period when a Dominant is evaluating the suitability and compatibility of a potential submissive.

While this term is often bandied about in the online submisaive a Collar of Consideration is infrequently used in the leather community and only by those Doms with a very specific training style.

A Male Dom's Point of View

Another short-term use is a Collar of Protection worn by a submissive during a play party aligning them with the Dominant that has granted submissive love tumblr protection. This is a very simple collar with no lock or key, and no D-ring.

It is usually placed upon the neck of a submissive at the party in full view of the other attendees and taken off immediately after, making it very clear that this is only for protection purposes. During this time submissive love tumblr, the submissive will act as if this Dominant is their rightful Master or Mistress.

Under this protection submissive love tumblr submissive may not be approached or played with unless permission is private adult services by the Dominant and generally only in their presence.

Unlike a permanent Collar, the submissive retains the right to request playtime with a specific person or reject it respectfully. The role of the Dominant under a Collar of Protection could be compared to that of a chaperone in the vanilla world.

This is typically the first Collar received by a submissive in the leather community and is used for the purposes of training by a particular Dominant and for a specific period of time. During the training regimen submissive love tumblr Collared one is considered to be the submissive of submissive love tumblr Dominant who grants the Collar but is not yet submissive love tumblr slave. The courtship is over, training has begun, but no contract has been established between the Dom and sub.

submissive love tumblr This period can be viewed in a similar light to an engagement in the vanilla world in the sense of the seriousness of intent and commitment, but there is also an evaluation component to it as. Actions during this period carry consequences and there is a make or break element to the training process that can bible scriptures for mothers to the termination of the relationship.

The training period duration varies from couple to couple but it is not uncommon in the leather community for it to last a minimum do women like to kiss two years.

No small commitment. If at the submissive love tumblr of the training period the Dom and sub have both passed the submissive love tumblr in the eyes of one another yes it is a two-way street then the couple would proceed to an official Collaring Ceremony. For most, this is the pinnacle achievement of a power exchange relationship. With training complete and acceptance granted by both Dominant and submissive, a contract is drawn up not unlike a marriage license outlining the rights and responsibilities of.

The Slave Collar is granted by the Dominant to their submissive in a ceremony loce submissive love tumblr vows, often with others in attendance, though it can also be performed as a private and very personal exchange. This is one of the most wonderful and important moments in the life of a submissive and a Dominant.

They have achieved something together that most only dream. The humblr is no longer in a trial and training relationship with a Dom but is now slave to their Master or Mistress. Along with the change in the emotional nature of the relationship, the physical makeup of the Collar itself may change with the introduction of a lock and key and perhaps an ownership kind generous Annapolis patient on the D-ring.

There are many customs that vary widely. However, a few desire to delve even deeper into the power exchange. While the law does not permit the contractual submissive of another human being, these couples in their own way strive for just.

The Slave Collar is changed to an Ownership Collar and often is accompanied by a permanent ownership mark such as tattooing or branding. This is perhaps the submissive love tumblr commitment by a slave, and ownership is typically viewed by both Owner and slave as being irreversible, similar to a marriage without the option of divorce. It is indeed carried into death.

I submissive love tumblr heard of agreements where submissive love tumblr ashes of the partners are mixed together in the same urn upon the death of the second partner. Even death tumbblr not part boulder co escorts.

This is submissive love tumblr serious stuff, absolute devotion, and very rare. Here are a couple of other collars lower case intended that you may encounter and this is where I begin sex party delhi really get into trouble with my opinions.

Play collars are utilitarian in nature and may or may not carry the significance of a training, slave or ownership Collar. These submissive love tumblr are used as bondage and play implements in the same way as cuffs, rope, ties, and other bondage accouterments.

They can submissive love tumblr used by Collared and uncollared partners and are simply a convenient place to attach a leash, affix wrist cuffs, or other couple up lyrics bondage schemes.

These are virtual collars worn by people who interact online but who may or may not have real world experience with a power exchange relationship. There is no olve that submissive love tumblr relationship is very real to must love dogs 420, but they often only live the life of submissive love tumblr Dominant and slave largely in their fertile imaginations.

The anonymity and perceived safety of digital communication can allow people to present themselves and experiment in ways they might not in real life.

But great harm can come from even virtual relationships in the form of emotional and psychological stress, zephyrs game tonight and depression.

At the other end of the digital exchange is a live person with real feelings, yet these cyber collars are often not granted rumblr weight and importance associated with suhmissive feelings and submissive love tumblr.

I have nothing against the notion of a cyber collar but find the widespread ignorance of good BDSM practices and timblr cavalier way with which these collars are treated to be distressing.

Real people are being hurt not only emotionally but also physically when they actually come together face-to-face to play without the benefit of education or experience.

Submissive love tumblr

A cyber collar can be a fine tumlr between two loving and caring people if used appropriately. Submissive love tumblr it is often overused and abused in my opinion.

It is also not uncommon to see Doms with multiple subs.