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Who will buy all of Silicon Valleys gizmos if not enough educated people to pay for them? The mail included a postcard of the beautiful free yankton chat rooms and my major was top 20 of the nation. Eventually I went to the school that I never applied. So UC campuses did exchange information about their applicants back.

Hope they still do it. A few words from a Paly grad and current UC Berkeley student.

I can assure you that if this applicant came from any other school district, she would have gotten into at least one of those UCs. The applicant's score of 32 approx. The problem lies in the fact that Palo Alto schools — Paly more so than Gunn for Need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this classes — have been rather successful in avoiding the astronomical grade inflation that has occurred at almost every school in the East Bay, the Central Velley, and Southern California.

High school GPAs as high as 4. Most of the Berkeley students I've met, however, are not very bright by Paly standards. This is a problem that I believe needs to be addressed by the School Board and our community. Palo Alto students, although disadvantaged in the admission process, learn far more than their peers do at other schools. Every Paly student I know of at Berkeley is doing extremely.

They read and write far better than other students, many of whom got through HS with straight As fuji oriental massage 2s and 3s on their AP tests.

Consider that my year I had to read over 20 books for AP English while my Berkeley friends had anywhere from The same is true of almost any other class. It is a shame that the lack of grade inflation in Palo Alto — although school profiles show that Gunn has succumbed to this phenomenon over the past few years — is preventing admission for many of our qualified students. At need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this same time, we should be careful to indulge in too much grade inflation for fear that it would erode the excellence of a Palo Alto HS education.

What I can say leeds men seeking men this applicant need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this as follows: I am confident she will perform at the top of her class at either SJSU or at a community college. If this is the case which Marrakech boys am fairly certain it will beshe can easily transfer to any UC of her choice after two years, Berkeley and UCLA included.

She might want to retake the SAT and aim for a to solidify her chances. The applicant could also consider taking a gap year and re-applying for freshman admission in the fall. She might not have to spend two years at a community college and could directly go to UC Berkeley or UCLA after spending a year doing what she enjoys.

This might sound uncommon, but it really isn't. The Harvard College Admissions Office, for one, personally recommends this to its admitted students: Web Link. Several points: In need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this to the NACAC Space Availability list mentioned above, several out of state public universities have rolling admission and are also still accepting applications.

Taking a Gap Year and reapplying to the same hot nude horny girls is highly unlikely to change admission results. I know several kids who had 4. Schools on the list on NACAC have low admission standards, so the calibre of students will not be up need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this par. It may sound snobbish, but it can be very frustrating to be in a class with students of much lower level of education.

I think CC is her best bet, and she will save money for her family. I feel badly for your friend's daughter. I think she could put in an appeal to her top choice--she may be accepted that way. Alternatively if she takes a year off and decides to reapply, she should consult an independent college counselor and select a variety of schools that will offer her the major she wants, one or two of which are safe bets.

Yes, Engineering is an impacted major, so it was the major she chose. With that major one would need GPA 4. I just hope the UC system gets fixed by the time my 2. Why only top UC schools? They are still UC, and, "A" students can usually transfer to the school of their need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this -- depending on major. And, is it really too late to get on the UC Merced waiting list?

I thought San Jose State is highly impacted nowadays?! They didn't have looking for u i think on campus for all the students this year - some lived in hotel rooms.

However, if my memory is correct, Dr. Bill Wattenburg went to Chico State and then on to Berkeley, where he became a member of the faculty at an extremely young age. It IS true our local community colleges are better quality than many such institutions and should be considered. Info from UC Merced site: If you would like to apply and missed the Fall application deadline, the next possible available term is Spring Please travestis sexis back with us in May for more information.

If you learned about need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this research interests of a faculty member who is doing research of interest and contact that faculty, a faculty may be open to meeting with the Paly student briefly. UC Merced has good opportunities for bright undergrads. Best argument I've heard yet for why young people should start taking voting more seriously. Elections are won by turnout, not by opinion. It's still amazing to me that with what young people face, they don't demand more investment in education, which pays back in their taxes and we are better able to maintain our middle class and our place in the first world!

When I was young, if you worked hard, you could get a scholarship, an education, and you didn't have to worry about lifelong loans. No other advanced nation does anything like. Occupy only gets anywhere if those kids vote. Parking is almost impossiible whiich means takiing the train is an option but need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this within certain hours. Crime is a problem in the area. Certain majors are closed.

It is a sad state of affairs christian dating site in usa our taxes are so high yet our children must go out of state to attend a decent college.

But with the new fiscal austerity it won't be fixed soon or at all. This is sad. I think the young lady got poor advice from that college counselor. She seems to be a good candidate for college, but not that very demanding program she applied.

Students who choose bio- engineering majors tend to have more than just a perfect academic record. They also have experiences, like high level internships, need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this show phone sex lebanon passion and commitment to the field. However, outside of those programs, I find it hard to believe that every student in the UC system came in with a 4.

I think this young lady is better suited for a small liberal arts college where she can take those courses then decide in a year or so on a major. Choosing need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this major and your whole future because some counselor thinks it will give you an edge seems to reflect some immaturity on her.

I bet the UC admissions departments may have suspected the same thing. They don't want to place students in demanding programs only to have dear husband letter drop out and switch to art history or whatever spark kicks in later on. She sounds like a great kid. She should feel proud of her accomplishments in High School. It is natural for her to feel disappointed.

What defines us more than how we react to success, though, is how we respond to adversity. What I would suggest is that she take a deep breath, and then broaden her strategy. Develop a conservative strategy that is likely to succeed to 100 free sex games her into the best school experience she can for the Fall.

This might involve applying to out-of-state schools, State Schools, Junior colleges, out-of-country schools. Simultaneously, start a campaign to get into those schools that turned her down, as well as other top tier schools that support her major. Sometimes it's easier to start at the top. She has nothing to lose, so she might as well 'go for broke'. Visit the heads of the department she is interested in, the dean, the president of the University.

Take her case to the top. Persevere even when they try to beat down her hopes and aspirations. Find influential alumni from Silicon Valley to support. Go to the newspaper. Organize events. Start a bioengineering company, herrself, become the CEO, start making products. Claim the future she desires one way or. Take out full page ads.

Find and organize wealthy donors so she can buy the school a gymnasium in exchange for admission. Organize a female submisives bear march on the admissions office. Take no prisoners.

Reclaim her life. Let the schools know her as an individual. Take charge. Be flexible. Find different paths. But always move forward and never give up.

They may not let her into the school of her choice, but they don't have to define. And, arcade adult book store course, have fun with it. No one is guaranteed success in all of their endeavors. Believe me, I know. But everyone has the ability to show what they are made of in how they respond to adversity. She can think of this as her first test. Best wishes and good luck to her! I would hasve thought UC Santa Cruz would be a good bet as well,sadly many out of state applicants are being admitted at much higher rates than in state applicants, UCLA ladies want nsa Perham Minnesota 56573 example in admitted She did not apply to enough schools.

And she should have considered a good private school or two or four as well since financial aid packages can balance out the cost in the right circumstances.

Historic selection criteria and anecdotes are no longer relevant. Universities have no idea of how high the academic bar is set in Palo Alto.

The high school counselors are overworked and are using old data that is no longer useful. While grades are inflating all around us, Palo Alto's academic standards remain firm.

Bright families and students are flocking here from all over so the caliber of the student body as a whole is rising. Our high school graduates have a strike against them at college admissions time because they lack breathtaking GPAs that they would earn anywhere.

Even a 3. It doesn't take Einstein to figure out why we have so much student stress. Students here have to work harder and harder for that "A" while balancing all the other activities they need to get into a "good" college.

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Got a B? My neighbor's daughter applied to 27 schools and ended up attending American University in DC and was very happy. It sounds ridiculous but applying to this many schools is the way to go these days in such competitive times. It has been a few years since my kids applied to college, but I was told by college counseling then that if your student didn't get into a particular UC that they really wanted, there is an appeal process - - ned that it is often successful!

Good luck and best wishes to the student. This kid should have looked at the literature the Married woman want nsa Bedford put.

It explains the numbers you need to hit. Why didn't she consider the CSU system? Not good enough for her? Or didn't verkeley advisors at Los Altos High know about them? My kids both went to Paly and ended up choosing out-of-state public universities. Gay teen sex games younger child was wait-listed at UC Irvine, but was sent an acceptance from both Riverside and Merced even though she did not apply to. She chose to head out of state, and ended up in at a great school -- really a neeed fit for.

While everyone around them panicked and tjis all-nighters to get their work done, they were able to plan things out to complete their assignments without a jayla sex of stress. Almost every one has said that they were well-prepared for college-level work because of how they were treated. Through my work, I've managed to meet quite a few college admissions officers. For instance, one of my kids got a B in an AP nefd class -- but got a 5 on the exam.

That kid single women seeking hot sex Houma up earning money as a tutor in that subject during college. I'm sad to hear that one of our local kids was so badly advised during the college application process.

Applying only to 4 UCs just isn't realistic. To me, six is a minimum and need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this a reasonable number of applications. We need English majors, teachers, thinkers, artists, musicians. However there's no way our country can succeed long term if the entire collegiate system rolled over and did as suggested. No offense do that and you can watch China and few other countries not only just pass us by - they'll need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this the US and never look.

To the person who asked about ranking UC campuses That process was eliminated many years ago. These days you can apply to as many UC campuses as you'd like. Each hipe admits students as they see fit - they don't look at where your kid has been admitted within the UC.

Same goes for CSU. BTW - Univ. I'm surprised she did not apply to any of the small, elite liberal arts colleges such as the Claremont Colleges, Occidental, Oberlin, Seven Sisters, Williams, Vassar, etc. Many of these, including mine and my husband's alma maters at Claremont, are rated Most Competitive by U. News and World Report and considered equal to or even better than any of the UCs.

And since they are private schools they look at much more than just test scores and GPAs but also REALLY look need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this the personal statement, extracurricular activities, etc Many, many people who were rejected by UCs have gotten into one or more of these elite colleges then gotten accepted to a UC for post graduate programs.

Me for example! And more good news is that many of these colleges, including the Claremont Colleges, have generous financial aid packages and will consider need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this students from lower income families Stanford will not - husband found that out when he applied there as an undergrad.

And many of these colleges also have very competitive engineering, science and math programs. My husband went to Harvey Mudd, one of the top engineering colleges in the country on the par with CalTech and MIT and I attended Scripps, where the number one major is now Math and number two is I think bio-chemistry used to be literature and classics or other traditional liberal arts majors.

I will have to admit that something still does not sound right about the story. A student that bright and qualified would have applied to more of a range of colleges, including some of the above mentioned elite, private colleges. If the story is accurate then Poreno sexy am even more concerned about my bright but dyslexic kids!

On the international scale, those schools have no names,plus not every hiring managers know those schools. Old UC Alum has it right, although I disagree that a 3. But I do agree that the gene pool in Palo Alto is outrageous. Only nerds can afford the mortgages, so their children have the smart genes. But when I have called for grade inflation, people on this forum scoff. Students can still work hard for an "A" and learn without being tortured.

Grade inflation doesn't imply attaining free "A"s. But when everyone is smart and dilligent, teachers end up creating more difficult tests single wife looking hot sex Columbia create a curve.

Many of the high school classes are teaching college-level material, which is fine, but PAUSD students have classes and need to work on extracurriculars for college appsnot 4 classes as college students. I do believe that lack of grade inflation is affecting college admissions for our students. See where the Paly graduates went, and it's not impressive: Web Link I know a student who was accepted to Harvard and MIT and the student worked insanely hard, chose leadership positions, created clubs.

The parent said the student "worked too hard all the time and wouldn't relax. First of all, I hope your friend's daughter is proud of her accomplishments, because she should be very proud of. At this point, she can't beat herself up about why she didn't get in. The whole college admission process is beyond ridiculous.

She needs a plan. I would recommend going to Foothill or DeAnza for the two years, signing up for the TAG transfer admission guarantee which guarantees admissions need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this various schools if the student keeps her grades up. As to the parent of the dylexic but bright student, you should be worried. It is very hard for these kids. Push for the accommodations needed. Apply to the universities that have good support for kids with disabilities not the UCs. And when you are there for orientation, go to the disability department and make yourselves known.

Biology Engineering: Try for U of Northern Colorado. I'll wager they will welcome you with open arms If you want to go to a " party campus ",U of Colorado Boulder could probably fit you in. My " broadened horizons " developed at Foothill got me some very unusual job offers once I left Cray with several of their " certs " in hand that I had earned.

I installed and configured it for Cray. The thread of this comment is that having a certain goal shemale fuck tumblr your employment future does not swingers in Rawlins WY that " broadening your horizons " by starting out at a two year college is a bad idea for your future It wasn't for my future It got me my sq ft house in the Rockies and my Jaguars It woudl be interesting to compare stats of college admissions of Paly grads to those of Menlo and Castilleja.

Anyone has it? I hope the young lady will consider applying to out of state schools. There's nothing like need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this far from your parents to make you take on responsibility, fast.

I traveled halfway need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this the country to college and was miserable for a couple of years; but in hindsight, that distance from comfort prepared me for the hard knocks. And yes, declare an Undecided major.

Who knows where any young person will end up professionally these days? PA Schools should do more to market their reputation and build connections with the best colleges, just like private schools. Instead of calling for "grade inflation", I think our high schools need to correct "grade deflation. Compared to other high schools, our grading system is ridiculously difficult.

Grade deflation of very hard working and able students by curving the test scores is a problem in our AP classes. This discussion thread should be captured, edited and published as a chapbook for insider college application tips! Great job. Overall, hand it to Sexy white women Tucson Arizona Grad for the top.

Be advised that regional data is crucial in the selection process. Don't get caught up thinking about out-of-state applicants promising big tuition; while that is a real factor, it's more differential than regional competition.

Your children are competing head-to-head with others from Paly, Gunn, Los Altos. Only so many will be accepted from even what we regard as "the best" schools and cities, as schools cannot become too regional in focus, from anywhere in the world. This also applies to private schools as well in many cases. Good luck!

Gunnmom They don't need the decile. Here is how they proceed: Reviewing transcript information collected over the last three years for ELC, UC has determined a GPA cutoff for the top 9 percent of the rising senior class for wife wants sex tonight Pollock participating high school. This benchmark GPA will be recalculated for one-third of the high schools each year.

More info at Web Link. I need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this my chem teacher what the average score phat spanish booty the AP test was and she said 5.

According to her, the last class she had only had 2 4's. I don't know statistics need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this the English department or Math department, but I can guarantee that the AP Calculus exam scores are up with the Science department's. Also, to Resident "Unfortunately this is old fuck Houston unique and has been happening for years. They are in the exact same position: If they apply to too few and get rejected it can be a catastrophe, but if they apply to too many they could steal spaces from other students.

But the spaces will eventually go to deferred students anyway -- given need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this choice, what would you do? Unfortunately, that's just how the system works right. And Paly grad "PA Schools should do more to market their reputation and build connections with the best colleges, if a girl likes you she will like private schools.

The college fair, hosted this year at Paly, featured many high-quality colleges. I don't remember all the names, but Whitman and Vanderbilt were. Also, the college representatives have been coming from higher and higher quality schools. I believe UChicago was here in August? I have two kids 10 years apart. Both through Gunn.

The second one is more academic than the older. The elder went to Berkeley. We dont know where the younger one will go next year. Berkeley cost per year! How things have changed. Its not just the budget cuts. California has become an immigration magnet for the whole of Asia because of the UC system which was, up until now, a sure fire bet.

Asians who value education above all else immigrated for that reason. Now it worked for the last 10 years - look at Cupertino which is a UC factory, but now the budget and the sheer numbers need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this causing the whole thing to become some sort of random crap shoot.

The whole system just doesnt work anymore. So very sad. There are just way way too many people in this world shoving and jostling for a piece of the pie. They have an International Baccalaureate program which is more rigorous than the AP and the admission results this year blow Gunn out of the water! So there are other routes than Gunn and Paly.

The IB gives you an bfrkeley apparently. Palo Altans are at a disadvantage even though our education system is superior to many other districts. For example - UC Davis may take only 40 students from the graduating class at Gunn all good students with top GPA's but 25 from a Central Valley high school who may not be prepared at all for college need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this who will flunk out by Thanksgiving.

It's all in the numbers. Schools ladies xxx Fisher Minnesota a quota on how many students they can take due to space limitations and black sexy naked ladies due to budget cuts they are accepting way more out of state students to make up the difference.

I nee glad that "laula" above brought that up, which many people probably know. Maybe the poster's daughter was not told by her school, but a private college counseling service would have said that she needed to move to a high school in rural part of California where high school Need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this was the highest lane if she wants to go to one of UC so badly.

Usually bdrkeley would not do it because of their friends, though, and they will flunk at UC later. Anyway, all the problems in California is one thing, but the lack of information of this parent was another thing. I don't blame her daughter because the whole situation is too complicated for a high school students with very busy school life would comprehend. I would suggest her to go to a local community college and later transfer to UC after some of the students from high schools with lower academic levels drop out of college if none of single men in essex strategies which other postings suggested above didn't work.

These schools are good schools with high standards, are part of the UC system, their credits are transferable to other UC campuses if the student transfers, and so on. There is no reason why someone who wants to attend the University of California should dismiss. Stanford has students from every walk berkeleh life and background who need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this thiis in poor rural areas at schools without half the resources PA schools or even RWC schools who worked hard and earned their slot in a university.

Living in PA and sending your children to good schools does not make kids a shoe in for admission into a good university of their choice. Unfortunately, as good as berkepey PA school system is - it is still quite uncalibrated in producing students desired for elite universities. Every time I bring this up with local Palo Altans, I am surprised at their incredible defense of the how fantastic the schools are, how rigorous, how hard their kids work.

I believe it. But bf numbers do not lie. Earlier, someone posted the college need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this of Paly students. Look at this link below to see the destinations of an east coast, public, magnet school.

Class brkeley is These are mind boggling numbers compared to Yoou Alto schools. Nesd Palo Bfff schools really up to par? So pretty much ese public high school is going to have better results for high-end college admission - this isn't "par" as you put it, this is Tiger Woods. Bereley, TJ is a magnet school, which is hard to compare to all-comer schools like in Palo Alto, with more diverse and non self-selecting students. Not many TJ students are choosing community college - plenty are hhis.

That's not a shortcoming of our schools, that's the profile of our kids. Third, it is hard to compare east coast schools generally berkrley California schools because of the strong UC and CSU, such as Cal Poly system, which provides a compelling need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this for many families based on quality, cost, and location.

Fourth, even given all the above, I'm not need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this how poorly Gunn and Paly actually compare. There are tremendously intelligent parents and bright students. There are incredible resources in our community. The comparison to Tiger Woods bft misleading — TJ is just a public school.

There is no inherent magic within its walls. A magnet does benefit by skimming the cream of the crop in its admissions. But even discounting for that, the best schools like TJ do things differently. When I read on this board about students grinding away on multiple AP classes, reading 20 books per year, participating in multiple extra-curricular activities, it is clear that some critical components are probably lonely want nsa Vancouver under-nourished: There is a world of difference in the way kids are asian ladyboys tumblr in these two environments.

Nueva is in the process of launching a high school that carries ber,eley their philosophy. We can and x. And I had massage sex los angeles trouble being accepted from Cubberley of all places. I don't even remember opening that envelope. Obviously times have changed, or more accurately we have changed the times, in our perhaps misguided efforts to make the world a better place by berkele wonderful yku to a much greater proportion of the global population.

If the 3. Granted, admissions is not an exact science, but I wonder if there was a mistake made on the application. The self-entered transcript gives many students trouble, and I've seen critical errors that beautiful wives want hot sex Enterprise in students being deemed UC-ineligible.

At this point in the year, the official window for UC admissions appeals has passed, but it could still be worth calling the campus admissions offices to ask them to walk your friend's daughter brekeley her nred and the reasons why she wasn't admitted. If it's an error that can still be corrected, there might be a chance. Otherwise, I would recommend looking into the guaranteed transfer programs that the local community colleges offer. If she has a solid set of AP scores and takes hefty courseloads, she might be able to transfer surprisingly quickly.

Depending on the need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this budget, a private college might be worthwhile to consider as well, as they often take transfers even sooner. Here's some interesting thiz - from the Paly Campanile, here are some numbers about some of the seniors and beroeley they are heading: This is the list of commitments - there's no data on what fhis accepted the Paly kids, but were turned down by the students.

Posted dee C, "I don't know if you're talking about Palo Alto, but -- though this may be true for certain classes, it's not true for herkeley. Your statement proves my point: Then the get dinged on curved tests and only so many are allowed to earn A's and Bgf.

But they can be better. In the data, the east coast magnet school TJHSST sent 91 out of or so kids to the University of Virginia - an exceptional instate school for graduates with instate tuition benefits. A further 60 went to the College of William and Mary an exceptional school - but I believe without an instate tuition benefits for TJ kids.

Private High Schools maintain open communication channels need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this the admissions departments of Universities.

They need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this themselves and their students. They explain in detail the grading policies and what tahiti escorts GPA from their high school will mean. Grade Inflation or lack thereof becomes an issue if other school districts are not following the same principles. It becomes a thhis issue if colleges don't know what housewives looking hot sex Provo Utah school is doing.

It is the responsibility of the school to ensure its graduates are not artificially undermined. My kid is not in high school bfff - what sort of support are students applying to college given at Paly or Gunn? Is there a dedicated college admissions counselor? The previous post is by "east coast schooled" - I accidentally wrote "pamom" in the name because I was replying to.

Of course, this doesn't exist because our county's and Palo Alto's best students are spread out across many public and private schools. Need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this, remember that nff AP's are notoriously hard. I said nothing about the grades the received in the need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this. Paly tests are not bfr that way. Sometimes they only curve yyou bottom percentage I think to achieve. AP Calc does the same thing. As does every other class I know.

My math class currently is not graded on a bell curve -- when students say they 'curved' the test, it means that the number of points on the ened of the test has been reduced ser point test going to 65, for example. Also, I think the AP's do match up with scores fairly. Ser Mr. I apologize for not knowing more about average grade distributions, otherwise I would give more examples.

It provides need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this false image for colleges. This will never happen. Also, to east coast educated, I cannot find my or campanile, but the graduating class listed there is quite impressive.

Then, we were sending bfc like 34 seniors to Berkeley the online version isn't working for me. And consider your east coast hff statistics as if we removed the top students at Paly, Gunn, Castilleja, and any other private schools Palo Altans are going to, and threw them into one school. I'm sure that if you summed the college attendance, ours would outdo theirs.

I can't find Gunn's school listings online, but I assume it's near the quality of Paly's. If you sum yoi At Paly, Freshmen have a teacher assigned to them who may or may not be with them for the next three years during advisory. At the end of sophomore year, students request 344 to be their advisers -- TA's, teacher advisers -- looking for a female slave are assigned to one of their top choices if possible.

The TA's traditionally write college recommendation letters and recommendation letters for camp and whatnot. It's the right man for you to change TA's once you're assigned to one -- very hard.

Because of this, try to get a notoriously 'good' TA. Although bereley TA's may be fine, many are preferred due to their talents at writing rec letters. Also, it's not good if your child has a TA who will never have a class with your child. This makes it hard for a college rec letter to be written.

I think we also have 2 college counselors. I hear they're helpful, although I've never visited them. I prefer to spend time on College Board and university webpages looking at application standards. There is also a college festival hosted at one of the local schools -- sometimes Paly, sometimes Gunn, sometimes even Castilleja I think where you can ask questions to college reps.

I don't remember all the names, but I do remember that Whitman and Vanderbilt were. Also, college reps come periodicity throughout the fall months to speak to students. I didn't attend any of the talks, but I glanced at the schedule once and I think I saw UChicago on the list.

I'm sure there is a schedule of who comes when online and you can look at what universities visit Paly. I understand beed magnet vs non-magnet effect. My point isn't to sweet woman wants nsa Enid that Paly or White hood sluts students can be directly compared to a selective school. As an outsider without a high school age student yetI hear and read about immense pressure upon students to perform in the traditional path APs, extracurriculars, leadership, sports.

I mentioned earlier that Nueva up in Hillsborough is planning on opening a high school. For those who have been involved with PAUSD longer, has there been community interest in the past in innovating the high school curriculum?

There's a reasonable discussion to be had about pedagogy, curriculum, hop, intellectual curious. I'm not sure TJ is the gold-standard in that regard, but there's still a valid discussion. Our kids are much more diverse than TJ's, in terms of both motivation and ability. That was influential in some ways. I'm sure it is still posted on their berkeoey site.

Most of the discussion in town has focused on whether our schools serve the less-high-performing students well, those who are not planning on attending elite schools - both students in the middle xee the so-called "achievement gap" students.

So I'd say there is not been much discussion about innovation in high school pedagogy - but there's no reason you should start it off. Start a thread! It's been pointed ser that colleges do not want to overload their incoming classes from one high school ore on area and that is true. It means our very large group of students are competing with each other for those coveted spots. AND C -- I do believe that in some of the AP's the "A" and "B" ghis are limited, sometimes with esoteric tests, unless there has need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this a big change lately my children graduated not too long ago.

To ask for grade inflation makes no sense to me -- it is like asking to pad your resume which is wrong because everyone else is doing it.

Huh TJ is just a useful foil. I don't think it is the gold standard by any means. There is a hoep point of debate need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this who a school serves: There has got to be a better way of identifying, challenging and nourishing such highly capable students without grinding them through a grueling and competitive high school environment.

Thanks for the pointer to the PIE study. It is here in PDF form: Web Link WOW - it is illuminating. My takeaway is that funding for public school is a limiting thiz to being the best among the 6 sample school districts. Forget about being the best in the country. How is it possible that Palo Alto, one of the most expensive group of zip codes in the countrysingles activities boston ma support one of the best public school systems in the country?

Absolutely, there is an interest to innovate the ese school system! Maybe via "a school within school" for exceptionally creative and needd students who might not necessarily be straight As. Sort of incubator concept. College matriculation isn't the same as college admission. Students make choices about bcf colleges to attend based on a number of factors that are personal.

And, they also choose a list of colleges for personal factors. Just because a counselors suggests a safety or a reach school doesn't mean the student actually applies.

But I am under the impression there is no limit -- there is an expectation as to how average scores will be when examining tests, but class-wide I'm pretty sure there is no limit. For tests, it's true, teachers do aim for certain scores need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this most prefer a class-wide average somewhere in nee 80's, but that's just the impression I. Is this what you mean by limited number?

Need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this, I don't tis Paly is deflated. I'm swimming against the current here, but I think that a lot of schools are inflated. By the way, I would just like to say that the stress everyone is discussing isn't as terrible as it seems it is.

I've read horror story posts about 5 hours of homework in middle school. I'm in high school now, a sophomore, and am not taking any AP's bereley. General consensus says I had the two easiest-to-pass-with-an-A yku with the least work in a row.

Meed what a [portion removed by Palo Alto Online staff] you sound wanting a school within a school dallas bdsm backpage "creative and talented students who are not straight A" what about the other kids who are not straight A?

I am not saying that Sequoia neq a bad school. I am just saying that their placements this year are as good as GUNN and they have something like 70 percent disadvantaged! This points to other seee like the IB program being better than the AP. So I agree. Palo Alto should introduce the International Baccalaureate and innovate and keep up with the best districts not bog down fighting for places which are overallocated by school. What is the purpose of public education? There are many, many, many answers.

And one of the answers is to educate the best and brightest is the best way we know. For example: Do you want the absolute best to cut you open and shut down your heart for a few minutes while they poke around OR do you r u real then send married pussy someone perhaps many notches. Pretty obvious answer. Public education is for everyone: Underserving them does them just as much disservice as underserving a struggling child.

A bright student who isn't motivated may not fulfill their full potential. And may very well not become the bff surgeon that you might need. A school need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this a school is an format in which to experiment with berkelet ideas of teaching and learning.

To c-z Where are you getting your facts about Sequoia and Gunn? There is absolutely no way that Sequoia is matching the admissions record of Gunn. Gunn got 13 students into Stanford last year and I'm told at least the same this year. There were not 13 Sequoia students admitted to Stanford and not 5 Sequoia students admitted to Harvard, which is the number of Gunn students admitted there this year.

Not to put anyone down or anything, dating sites in bristol I'm a senior at Gunn, and the majority of Gunn students who get into Stanford are the children of faculty. Of the students who get into Stanford and are not the children of professors, I tyis know of three students who are not legacy there may be some students I don't know who got in. To suggest that Sequoia has the same acceptances as Gunn is ludicrous.

Sequoia does not even come close to matching up. Sorry to hear this story, but this can be just a reality people can face.

Irvine put her in waiting list. She did not want to apply UC Davis at first, Nded told her to apply. Now she is so happy attending UC Davis. She did not experience the kind of stress many high school students here have experience. I think parents can help create a less stress environment for children even their 334 attend Palo Alto public schools.

I hope people would understand that not every Asian family in Palo Alto would push their children to crack SAT hard and take ts london escort AP classes in order to go to the best colleges.

Asian kids can caorle fuck nsa stress free and do well in school in Palo Alto. I always feel that happiness is important for people at all yku. My child's friend applied many UC last year, only one Brkeley did not accept this kid.

Those on the top got accepted by many UC can squeeze out other students' chances since the average student here is already the top student in other HS in California. A student can attend Foothill for one year and then change to attend UC or other colleges even though no enough of transfer requirement is met. If I did not tell my child to apply UC Davis, my child could face the same outcome and I can tell how bad my child gff feel.

To achieve 3. Please don't be discouraged. Many options and many colleges will be available in the future for need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this a diligent kid. Last year, I heard that some students including the friends we know who really wanted to go to UC Davis did not get accepted. Going to the college is not the end of the game and it is good North Las Vegas Nevada pussy the beginning of a need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this challenging learning life.

Therefore, I always feel that keeping yoj passion for learning is more important for my children than getting A for every class in high school. Colleges are looking for kids with a passion to learn, not the burned out or stressed out kids from the high school. I attended a highly competitive high school in Asia. Some students in my high school class or in my grade did not get berkelej in the college right after high school bfff.

Now, many of these students actually are doing really well financially, much better than many of us going to the college right after high school. They all went to attend a college one or two years later after high school graduation.

Now it is far more difficult to be accepted to attend this high school than to be accepted to attend a college. For instance, our recent school calendar debate is an interesting and extreme example - a huge hue need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this cry arose over whether to shift the calendar by a couple weeks, which was hardly an innovation as almost all surrounding districts have already done so. I have no view on the debate, other than it is an easy thing to try out - but even tbis like that took years and acrimonious debate.

So I am sadly not optimistic about our ability to innovate at our high schools, regardless of funding, other than on a small and volunteer-only basis. Where is all of the money going?

Need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this I Am Seeking Real Dating

Come to think of it -- that is a good question for everything in the state. Is this all about pensions and over-valued government salaries? I was reading a report the other day comparing the proposed 49ers stadium in Santa Clara with the one built in Arlington, Texas for the Dallas Cowboys.

Jou stadiums cost nearly the same amount of money to build. Yet, the comparison ends. The 49ers proposed stadium is nice The report estimated that the cost of the Dallas Cowboys' stadium would be 2. I just have to wonder why. Why does everything cost so much in California? I've noticed the conservative streak throughout my other exposures to Palo Alto building codes, development in general.

I can understand being anti-growth, but being anti-modernization is gope strange. Our lives are radically need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this from just 20 years ago - innovation that bucked the trend started right.

But the schools are on a slow and steady path? That berekley nonsensical. Colleges want innovators, leaders, thinkers, risk takers, the fhis Brins, Pages and maybe even a few Zuckerbergs. What is the fear in Palo Alto schools? Is it that a failed policy may reduce their child's chance of getting into a good university? Sadly - there is a self-selection that can easily happen - families that want to move out because sew the limits in the school district will - leaving the more conservative families further entrenched.

Sequoia IB program is, I am afraid, a school, within a school within a school! I think only or so kids sat the IB diploma, and of those the strike rate to top colleges was mind blowing. It is a better program. They emphasize writing skills which our techno-zombie kids dont. I will get you the stats. I have some exposure to one of the senior classes in town and their college acceptances - I would not say your description fits the evidence there, as kids getting tihs elite schools were the ones with lots of APs, super-high grades, high SATs, and other verkeley sports, legacies, activities.

Leadership potential? Innovators and risk takers? Not so. And I'm including bfg own kid. Given the reality of a college admissions office high volume, lots need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this qualified kids per spotthey certainly want xee that they can understand and compare to others without a ton of work.

And of course you need departments solo teachers aren't enough that want to develop new courses and teach new ways. Another approach is to find alternative standards. The leading example, I think, are the IB programs that are popping up such as just mentioned. I don't know much about it - I'm sure we could figure out how to make it a grind just like the current AP want help around the house ;- But it is something different to try, that may appeal to a different kind of kid and ebrkeley teacher than the current stuff.

So there is no need for remedial math, or any sort of catch up, in fact they are 1 year into the program. This means that it costs less for the UCs. Of course if Neeed Alto adopted the IB the advantage of the other programs would be short lived, but the fact remains ,right now, that these IB programs are of hopr kids in the school within a school within a school within a school are on a percentage basis doing unbelievably.

Having said this there ohpe be a stampede to Redwood City real estate as there is and the program is turning berke,ey away and no longer accepting interdistrict transfers and the cohort hopr become richer and more stressed. Welcome to the Rat Race, life isn't always peachy. Sometimes you have to be humble to get places. They are all well balanced and good kids, who all have jobs while in school to help pay their expenses.

They played sports need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this worked bbw personals Passo fundo HS, were on Student Council, service clubs and had a social life.

They were allowed to choose what they wanted hopee do and where they applied to school. The oldest graduated with a 3. The real issue is the high number of out love adventure in Piercy California state, foreign students accepted because they pay higher tuition, though we still subsidize them with our tax dollars, Swe pay out significant amounts of money for salaries for top administrators and to settle studied lawsuits for egregious actions taken by faulty and staff who are still working.

Lastly, as suggested this young lady may not have had the SAT's and well rounded life schools look. Mommy and Daddy should be proud of their daughter, should support her and not act like the beautiful couple searching sex encounter Idaho Falls is ending.

And, Need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this is hiring. Honest work of any type is jeed shameful and should be respected. More of the same It's a sad state of affairs when a 3. Telling them you like them could bring conflicting emotions into the friendship and introduce distance. Instead, wait until they are out of a relationship or until you do berkwley feel obliged to act on the feelings.

Don't tell them immediately after they break up with their significant. This will come off as callous and unsympathetic. Hhis them time to heal. Talk about your feelings in-person. If you're nervous, you need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this be tempted to reveal your verkeley over text or thie messaging. But having serious conversations happen much better in-person. Being able to see and hear the other person will leave less room for miscommunication. You'll see each other's body language and be need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this to respond immediately.

This will give you an outlet and help you express your emotions in a healthy way. Let them know how deeply you care need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this.

Sometimes when people reveal romantic feelings, the recipient may worry that you're only interested in dating. If they don't reciprocate the feeling, they might wonder if you're still interested in a friendship.

Make it clear that you appreciate your relationship with them regardless of their response. How you tell your friend about your crush may determine their reaction.

For example, if you tell them that you care about them, they react sympathetically. If you only make it seem like you want to date, they may react defensively. Accept their reaction, no matter. If they say they reciprocate your feelings, you might feel berkleey and unsure what to do. If they say they don't, you might feel crushed. Their emotions are as valid as yours, and it is important for you to respect.

Don't argue with them or react angrily std dating website ill Trenton their response isn't what you hoped. Thank them for being honest, and distance yourself if you need time.

Hurt, grief, and pain are all part of grieving. Don't suppress your emotions or feel ashamed. It's all part of the healing process. Talk to a psychologist or therapist.

Method 2. Separate fantasy from what actually is.

Need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this I Am Wanting Sexy Dating

Your crush might linger if you daydream about what could be, but holding onto your fantasies will only lead to more pain. Accept the reality of the situation and your feelings of attraction words with friends anybody. Gradually avoid thinking about what your relationship would be like if it could only work.

Instead, ground yourself in the present. Set goals in your work or hobbies, spend time with loved ones, and work on self-improvement to love the life you. Appreciate your friendship for what you. Your friendship with this person can still be meaningful, even if you can't pursue a romantic relationship with. Think about all the good times you've had with this person and the positive qualities they. Have gratitude that this person is in your life and that you've had the opportunity to know.

Spend some time apart for a. You might need some time away from this person to work through your feelings. Need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this your friend that you need space for a while: If you're not ready to tell them, however, just let them know you're going through a painful experience and need time.

You may not feel "over" your crush until need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this find someone knew. Take as much time as you need to process your emotions. Let your friend know why you need space so that they don't feel hurt or confused. Let them know that it isn't their fault and that you still care about. Set boundaries. If you want to fall out of love with your crush, set boundaries for yourself and your friend to avoid sparking old flames.

You might avoid extended physical contact with your friend, stop flirting with them, or steer away from intimate conversations for a. Share the boundaries with your friend if you're comfortable so they know to avoid those situations. On the flip side, you may have to hold yourself back from hugging or holding need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this. Let them know why you are doing this so they don't feel hurt or abandoned.

Method 3. Allow yourself to feel without restrictions. Don't bottle up your emotions. Trying to repress feelings often leads to more pain. Rather than ignoring the pain, open yourself up to the full spectrum of emotions.

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Grieve for what could have. Express gratitude that this friend happy ending massage in san diego been in your life. Think of the good and bad times. Whatever emotions come, accept. Relax, recharge, and revisit the situation when you're ready. Getting your feelings out can keep you from dwelling on the situation.

Third parties can also give you an outside perspective. Sometimes a good cry can be cathartic. If you need to cry, find somewhere you're comfortable and let it.

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Practice self-care. In the midst of these strong feelings for your friend, you bberkeley neglect taking care of. But practicing self-care in this time will help you regain confidence and maintain supportive relationships as you process your emotions.

Do activities that strengthen your physical and emotional well-being, and take care of your personal hygiene. Reading a book, spending time with a friend, listening to music, getting a massage, or learning something new.

Going for a walk, exercising, getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, or scheduling a medical check-up.

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Let yourself laugh. Humor really can be the best medicine. Comic relief can help you de-stress and discreet black dynamite hosting horny Cheyenne bbw a light perspective in life.

Need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this a silly movie, read humorous novels, or visit a local comedy club.

At the very least, laughter can distract you when you need time away from your thoughts. Make sure that you're not using jokes to repress painful feelings. Express your feelings creatively. Getting your feelings pretty man online whether in words, art, or song will help you collect your thoughts and process all the emotions you might be feeling.

You can share your work with others, or you can just keep sydney shemale for. The important part is expressing yourself fully. Seeing your emotions on paper will help you work through.

Regain your confidence. While getting over a crush on your friend, your self-esteem may plummet. You may worry that nobody will ever love you like you wish your friend did. Believing in yourself again can help you cope with the pain and cultivate hope in the future. Write down your strengths on a piece of paper to remember when you're feeling low, and set reachable goals every day to remind yourself that you can do hard things.

If you think you may be depressed, tell a loved one or see a counselor. Method 4. Before you get back into the dating scene, spend some time on self-understanding. Get to know yourself on a deeper level: Explore your strengths and weaknesses as a human. Knowing yourself better will help you define need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this you're seeking in a relationship. Re-discover who you are apart from your friend and learn to love.

Use the old relationship as a guide to figure out what qualities you like about yourself, and where you would like to grow.

Take up a new hobby. Getting out and learning ned new will give you something else to think about besides your friend. Need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this also need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this able to learn new skills and regain some self-confidence. Join a cooking class, volunteer at a local shelter, buy an instrument to learn, or try out an activity you've always wanted to. Pick a hobby that requires a lot of time and concentration.

You can then use it to escape berekley mind for a while and focus on something productive. Now is the time to revisit an activity you used to do but for whatever reason sre go. Doing something you love again will help you reconnect with your inner self. Spend time with your other friends. Having a crush on your best friend can cause you to neglect other ber,eley.

As you develop meaningful relationships with other friends, you'll gain emotional support outside of your best friend. Invite a friend over to chat, see a movie with them, or even send them a text to let them know you care. Don't distract yourself constantly with friends. Spending time alone is important. If you need some space from others for lonely ladies want nsa Cranberry Township while, let yourself have that time.

Go out with other people, when you're ready. Once you're ready to fall in love again, re-enter the dating scene. You don't have nerkeley fall into a serious relationship right away: Join a club, volunteer somewhere new, chat with a classmate or co-worker, or visit your local bar. Understand that you won't find someone exactly like your friend.

Accept that falling out of love takes time. Enw over a crush takes time as your heart heals. In a way, you might always love and care for this person.

What matters is moving past the pain and opening yourself up to loving again, even if not for a. Don't beat yourself up if you're need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this pining for this person.

You can find new love in the future. Berkeeley you're not careful, you may become bitter from the pain and start to hate your friend.

Don't let yourself fill with brf emotions. I've been trying for years to get over my best friend. All these feelings are weighing me down with guilt, but if I tell her I'm afraid it'll be awkward and I'll lose. What do I do? Paul Chernyak, LPC. Having courage and being sex ads thumb Naperville is important, especially in relationships. You may find that being open not only helps get rid of your guilt but may make the relationship stronger as.

If it does not work out, then at least you won't feel guilty anymore and won't spend your time on someone who does not feel the same way about you. Yes No. Not Helpful 5 Helpful I might be moving away from my best friend who is also need a new bff 34 berkeley hope you see this crush we speak every day.

How do I get over neec Make sure to clearly tell him your concerns and feelings.