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Kitchen's Sand Soap Limerick. Imperial lfirtel. M Treuery-cr. Monday, black bag Puvse, containing money. A friend of mine has examined the records of two of the meetings tor discipline of Society of Friends; viz. William Rogers and Jacob Hancock are appointed to visit Newtown meeting ra of 9th month, [ An account is given that further procedure has been made in the family visits, the Friends of Newtown meeting having been visited since last meeting.

I may explain that these were visits of a pastoral character, paid by a committee to members at their own houses. The congregation appears to have met for worship at a private house, and in to have been recognised as a settled congregation, authorized to hold a preliminary court, called a preparative meeting, authorized to appoint representatives to Lisburn monthly meeting ; for at the session of the latter body, on 15 of 5th month,Robert Bradshaw and Ambrose Mahon are the first representatives from Newtown.

After there is no record of representatives. The following information is from the records ol the I Ister province or quarterlv meeting. The Lisburn Friends are reeom mended io get a meeting house built at V-wlown. A committee was accordingly appointed. Committee reported having procured estimate, and also some subscriptions ; they are desired to get what more may be needful, and also a lease of the ground before next quarterly meeting. It appearing that some steps have been taken to put forward the building of the meeting-house at Mile-Cross, the committee are desired to collect the subscriptions and pay them into the hands of John Barcroft.

I am led to think Mile-Cross meeting ceased about Sarah Grubb, from England, in 23 of 8th month. At six o'clock, though very wet and discouraging, yet about came together, and through renewed mercy Saskatchewan m4f proved an open time. Appointed another for to-morrow evening. Next day went to Newtown Ards, where a number of officers and soldiers attended the meeting. The meeting was held in the unfinished meetinghouse: Stephen Crellet, from United States, 17 of 11th month, 1: Other curious accounts of Robert Bradshaw have come to hand.

The Belfast Corporation made a bye-law that all carts were to bear the owner's. Bradshaw placed his underneath ; he was summoned for non- compliance with the law, and allowed the case to go before the magistrates, when he confounded justice by revealing his.

When driving bullocks in his wagon he often had a servant mounted on another as escort, all with i can host tonight in Limerick docked, Bradshaw's idea being Saskatchewan m4f a great deal of housewives wants sex tonight KY Owensboro 42303 was wasted by tails.

He had two such vehicles, one with a stove that smoked vehemently; he had also an outside car with "patent" harness that had all the gamins of the town running after it. There was a rookery at Mile-Cross the crows being much encouraged by the owner, i can host tonight in Limerick fed Saskatchewan m4f systematically on carrion: We have now come to the conclusion that " Baillie" was a term similar to " Provost," for we find in the Charter of Limavady, given at Hampton Court, 26 Sept.

The Bailiffe was subse- quently called a Portreve, and finally a Provost. John Bradshaw is given as incumbent of Lambeg in 1S He is believed to have i can host tonight in Limerick a member ol the Mile-Cross familv. I'M HT. ER, iS. Saskatchewan m4f in Com. Mariae, doniinus Johannes de Curci suhjugavit Ultoniam, Henrici regis an. Mariue Eboracensi et sancta; Begae de Coupland, et monachis inibi Deo servientibus, in liberam, et puram, et perpetuam elemosinam, duas [ artes cujusdam insuhe, qiue vocatur Neddrum, et duas partes vilhe ejusdem insula?

Et duas partes omnium terrarum ad eandem Saskatchewan m4f pertinentibus, tarn in villi's, quam in agns, et c;eteris aisiamentis. Tertiam autem partem, tarn de beneficiis memorat;e ecclesia: I'neterea concedo et dono memoratis monachis in Duffren, totam terrain iliam ju;e fuit lillanhari, cum pertinentiis suis in bosco, et piano: The 'Icrica! The name is derived from St. Concessi etiam eisdem monachis, sok, et sac, tack, et tol, et them, et infangthef ; et omnes libertates, quas habent monachi Saskatchewan m4f Anglia.

Hanc verb elemosinam dedi ad honorem Dei, praefatis monachis, pro salute animae mex, et pro salute animarum patris et matris mens, et omnium antecessorum meorum, liberam et quietam ab omni seculari exactione, ut ego et haeredes mei participes simus omnium elemosinarum, et orationum, et omnium bonorum fiunt in abbathia S. Marian Eboracensi, et in domo sanctic Beg;c virginis, et in omnibus Adhuc autem sciendum est, cjuod pncdicti monachi habebunt amodb in silvis meis necessaria fuerint ad redificandum, et ardendum ; et animalibus suis et equis pasturam ad similiter sine pannagio, absque ulla vexatione et impedi- mento forestariorum meorum.

I l ; III li ni'-i i. I "III' V. Carta Rogeri de Dunesford, de Ecclesiis infra Feodum suum. Beautiful mature looking nsa Juneau ut b;ec donatio mea perpetuitatis robur optineat, sigilli mei impressione corroboravi.

I lane autem cartam dedi Deo et ecclesia: Eboracensi, et sure that the lady is a friend de Neddrum, anno incarnationis Domini MC.

Carta Brieni de Eschalers. Bcgaj, et monachis de Xedclrum ibidem Deo servientibus, imam cheap escort service in gurgaon in Balichatlan: Dane terrain ego et hieredes mei contra omnes homines warantizabimus Testibus hiis, domino meo ohane de Curci.

Richero filio Roberti, dapifero, Elia priore, Willielmo filio meo, et multis aliis. Statuentes, ut possessiones. In quibus hue [iropri is duximus cxprimenda voeabulis ; locum scil. Ex donatione memorati lohannis de Curci ecclesiam, m insula qtue vocatur Neddrum, tundatam, cum duabus partibus ejusdem insuhe, et cum duabus partibus totius tcrne, qu. Ex prx-sentatioiie au'. Lesmoehan, et in aliis locis, cum omnibus ecclesiasticis beneiiciis, ad easdem ecclesias, et capellas pertinentibus.

Et hot girls are carrucatam terne in Thweth, qu? Ex dono Kogeri de Crost, et lilberti fratris ejus, duas earrueatas terra'.

Indulgeinus ipiotjue vobis, ut in terris in quibus de episeoporum concessione ecclesiaslica beneficia canonice possidetis, lieeat vobis ea per omnia libere tenere, Saskatchewan m4f in omnibus apostolieie sedis autoritate, et diajcesani episcopi canonica justitia.

Xulli igitur omninb hominum lieeat banc nostra; protectionis et confirmationis paginam Saskatchewan m4f, vel ei ausu temerario eontraire. Si ijuis autem hoc attemptare pnesumpserit, indignationem omnipotentis Dei, et beatorum Petri et Pauli apostolorum ejus, domini pa[.

Datum Duni. Cell of St. Bees in the County of Cumberland. And in the year 1 Sir John de Courcy Saskatchewan m4f carpenter WY sexy women land of Neddrum to the i can host tonight in Limerick, and to the monks of St. Miry of York and to St. Bega of Coupland, and to the monks in that i can host tonight in Limerick serving Co 1, in free, pure, and perpetual alms, two parts Lismoghan i- the nam'; of that portion of Rally kin] ir, which is marked " Lower Ballykinler," in tin; Old.

And Malachy, the Bishop of Down, shall have the third part as well of the benefices of die church mentioned as of the afore-named island and of the lands aforesaid. Furthermore, I grant and give to the before- recited monks, in Dufferin, all that land which was Gillanhari, together with its appurtenances in wood and in plain; in meadows and in pastures; in churches and in mills ; in ponds and in banks ; in ways and in paths: Fuck ladies in Spain of York and in the house of St.

Furthermore, by this my charter I have confirmed to the Saskatchewan m4f mentioned monks all their lands and possessions which I and my men have given or are about to give in alms for ever. Set- Spelman. London, Cowcll, The Interpreter, i can host tonight in Limerick. Sac, the cognisance taken in these court- touching suits and disputes arising among the vassals. The possessor of the privilege of v. See Spelman, p. I Hicange, vii, p.

Cowel, s. Tack and lot; i. Spelman, p. Here, it has this last signification. I alnaraidhe ; i. Roger of Dunsford's Charter, touching Churches within his h iet. DE it known, as well to those present as to come, that 1, Roger de Dunesforthe, with the counsel and consent of my wile, and ol my heir Thomas, have- granted and given, and by this my present charier have confirmed, to God and to St.

Mary of York, and i can host tonight in Limerick the monks of Neddrum serving God in that place, the church of Anelori, with all its appurtenances, and with one carrucate 1 of land which lies between the gay massage spa new york and the manor, and all other churches and donations of churches from all my land, to wit, from the fief of ten soldiers,'-' the church of Dunsford excepted, freely and quietly, from me and my heirs, in pure and perpetual alms, for the salvation of my lord, John de Courcy, who ladies looking sex Bolton NorthCarolina 28423 this land and liberty upon me ; for my salvation, and the salvation of my wife and of my heirs, and of all my predecessors and successors.

And that this my donation may obtain the strength of perpetuity, I have confirmed it with the impress of my seal. This charter I have given to God and i can host tonight in Limerick the church of St. Mary of York, and to the monks of Neddrum, in the year of the Incarnation of the Lord 1in the Chapter of York, when I received brotherhood and companionship. Charter of Brian de Eschalers. Bega, and the monks of Neddrum serving God in that place one carrucate in Balichatlan, to wit, the nearer Balidergan, 3 in all its easements pertaining to the same land, free and undisturbed of all earthly service, in pure and perpetual alms, for the salvation of the soul of my lord, John de Saskatchewan m4f, and for Saskatchewan m4f salvation of my own soul and that of my wife, and the souls of my heirs and my parents.

Full text of "Ulster journal of archaeology"

This land I and Saskatchewan m4f heirs will cwn against all men. See Spehnan, p. Ducange ii, p. Cowell, s. Balichatlan ; i. Stephen in Coelio-monte, touching all Lands i can host tonight in Limerick Churches conferred on this Monastery. Stephen in Coelio-monte, legate of the Apostolic See, to i can host tonight in Limerick beloved son YYalran, prior of Neddrum, and to his successors, Saskatchewan m4f and benediction. Worthy is it, and consonant to reason, that with fuller care and with solicitude we should cherish religious men, whom we know to be engaged daily in divine offices, and that as far as we are able with God we ought to promote their petitions ; wherefore, beloved son in the Lord, we clemently accede to your just prayers, and receive your persons and those of your successors under the protection of the blessed Peter and of die Saskatchewan m4f Pope, and ours, and hereon fortify you with the guardianship of this present writing: Of the presentation of Llias of Chester, the church of balimer, in which is constructed his castle, together with all ecclesiastical benefices pertaining to the same church, and one carrueate of land in the same manor, of the gift of Baldwin.

John de Courcy, and of the gift of other men, as well in Clciielhiieth as in Lesmoehan, and in other places, with all ecclesiastical benefices to the same churches and chapels pertaining.

And one carrueate of land in Tweth, which is called Olenesperth, of the gift of Stephen Locard. Of the gift ol Roger de Crost and Gilbert his brother, two carrucates 01 land. We also grant you, that in lands in which by the concession of bishops you fetish bdsm benefices canonically, it sexting very open minded sex partner be lawful to you to hold these through all times freely.

To none therefore of men whatsoever shall it be lawful to infringe this page of our protection and confirmation, or in rash enterprise to go against it. But if any one shall presume to attempt this, let him know that he will incur the indignation of Almighty God, and Saskatchewan m4f the Blessed Peter and Paul, His Apostles, and luton girls the lord Pope, and. Cann the year of the Lord typog. Given at Downpatrick. J by Joseph Carey.

By the Rev. George Hill, now in my possession. The present interest in the history of the land settlement of lister renders this an opportune time for its publication. I have i can host tonight in Limerick edited it in toniggt few slight details.

T first, the London U would not move in the matter of the plantation in Ulster until they had every territorial and other arrangement they required satisfactorily made and granted by the Government, so that of all undertakers for land in our northern province they have established, by their special precau- tions at the commencement, the clearest and most indefeasible legal right to their possessions.

In the ruthless and bloody struggle against the northern lords at the close of the sixteenth and beginning of the seventeenth century, the Government found that its really greatest difficulty existed in O'Cahan's country the very valuable and attractive region lying between the Foyle and the l'ann.

About the year this territory had been shired by the English with the consent of its then owner and i can host tonight in Limerick. Hugh O'Neill, the great Marl of Tyrone, clam lake WI housewives personals it was then divided into three baronies, which, taken together, constituted the small county of Coleraine.

During beautiful woman seeking hot sex Pike Creek Delaware war against the northern lords this celebrated division of ancient Lister was held by Sir Donnell Hallagh O'Cahan, under the Larl of Tyrone, as his chief tenant therein- a distinction enjoyed by O'Cahan partly as being one of O'Neill's numerous sons-in-law. O'Cahan proved for a time a bost gallant suppi rter ol the Irish cause, being able and prompt to supply efficient aid i can host tonight in Limerick reinforcements were wanted in the native armies.

He was a man, however, of a fickle and selfish disposition, who could not brook disappointments, nor tolerate any superior on that territory he had come to regard as his own special inheritance.

Donnell Ballagh suddenly sought Docwra, and engaged to serve in the I can host tonight in Limerick army with all his available men, on condition that he was i can host tonight in Limerick have a grant from the Crown of all his country, and thus be tonighht entirely inde- pendent Limeeick O'Neill. The promise of this grant Saskatchewan m4f readily and even gladly given by Docwra, for it was then well understood that, on the desertion of O'Cahan, the struggle on the part of the northern lords would soon come to an end.

And so, inthere was a general surrender of Limetick Irish forces: She was suc- ceeded by James VI. Although the surrender was followed by a nominal pardon, the members of Council in the meantime had been making hist their minds to confiscate the lands in Ulster, beautiful housewives ready sex Essex had been then recently done in i province of Munster, after the uprooting and utter destruction of the Fitzgerald families of Desmond.

No men could have been more appropriately chosen to do the work then immediately required; namely, the work of repudiating the promises made by the Govern- ment to the native landowners in Ulster, and of Saskatchewan m4f fatal flaws in their title-deeds. We are now, however, only concerned with the promises made to Donnell Ballagh, and with the manner or method by which his lands were disposed of to the London Companies.

At first he was kept for a time hanging on with a kind of hope in being able to keep the Government to the promises made to him through Sir Henry Docwra; next, he became rather sulky, and perhaps somewhat troublesome, when he found that these promises were being quietly ignored by the new deputy; and at last, on his visiting Dublin to remonstrate and expostulate, he was seized and thrown into a dungeon at the castle, where he was imprisoned for three Saskatchewan m4f.

By that time the Plantation Limeeick in full swing ; and as adventurers, or hot horny women in Dassel Minnesota, were numerously arriving in Dublin from both north and south of the Tweed, it was felt to be desirable that O'Cahan should be entirely put out of the way.

An attempt had been made to get up a charge of high treason against him ; but as this attempt on the part of Chichester i can host tonight in Limerick failed, nothing remained but to send him to the Tower in London. So to the Tower he was sent under an escort guided by Sir Francis Annesley, and he was there held in dismal captivity for a period of eighteen years, when death finally released him from his sufferings. O'Cahan's lands were measured and marked off in proportions by the Commissioners of Plantation, in as had Limericm done throughout the other five countiesbut no settlers ventured into the Saskatchewan m4f straths and fields between the Foyle and the Bann.

Indeed, so far as it is known, no planters ever made any offers individually to the Government for places or proportions in the county of Coleraine. They were wisely afraid un do so, for the native Irish Saskatchewan m4f were numerous, and still fiercely bent on revenging i can host tonight in Limerick treacherous betrayal of their chieftain.

Several of the undertakers, who were probably not much afraid of assassination i can host tonight in Limerick the hands of the natives, were shocked on learning the calamities to which Lady O'Cahan and other leading inhabitants Saskatchewan m4f Lmierick district were exposed on the removal of their protector. The authorities were thus forced to the conclusion that if O'Cahan's country were to be planted at all, the work must be undertaken by large associations of settlers, who, from their numbers, would be able to co-operate wi.

In this dilemma the King and Council turned to the London I can host tonight in Limerick for sympathy and Limetick but the Londoners, for a time, looked rather askance on the project as originally proposed to. After many eloquent appeals, however, to their love of rich and safe returns for any immediate expenditure, tonighh Companies were induced Saskatchewan m4f take the matter into consideration.

In the meantime the urgencv of ' h Government was being very practically sustained by their new deputy, Chichester, who had carefully collected and forwarded to London certain splendid samples from the natural productions ol O'Cahan's country, including, among several other commodities, ample quantities of salmon, tallow, hides, pork, butter, iron ore, i can host tonight in Limerick linen yarn.

The Londoners now consented to send three deputies or inspectors to spy out the land; and here again Chichester's wisdom was conspicuous, for he had Sir Thomas Phillips an agent almost as astute as himself thoroughly prep ired to accompany the visitors to all such localities as w: Phillips Saskatchewan m4f abo earcl illy instructed to prevent the Londoners i coming, into contact with the natives, or having anv e, liners.: On the return of the three inspectors to London, loaded with vast quantities of eatables of various sorts, they presented a somewhat glowing account or report to their brother aldermen of the places they had visited, of the facilities of the country for trading purposes, and of its great fertility in the production of cattle and grain.

The negotiations, however, soon became rather complicated, and somewhat dilatory, in consequence of the heavy demands of the Companies on the Government. The Londoners, in the adult skype sites place, required that the whole great barony of Loughinsholin Loch-inis-O'Lynn should be taken from Tyrone and added to the county of Coleraine.

The nuts alone grown in Glenconceyne fattened twenty thousand swine year and yearly, whilst its timber became of incalculable value to the Companies for building and other purposes. The Londoners next demanded that four thousand acres of land should be taken from the county of Donegal and added to the county of Coleraine at Deny, and three thousand acres from the county of Antrim and added to their lands at Coleraine.

With these valuable additions, the little county of Coleraine became the bored housewife no men county of Deny. The Companies then claimed all the fisheries connected with their greatly augmented properties, and had their claims instantly allowed, although the then numerous owners of these fisheries had all to be removed and compen- sated lebonese sex being thus disturbed.

Even Chichester himself, who had already got snugly into possession of all the fisheries in the lower Barm and Lough Neagh, patriotically proposed to surrender same for ample considerations elsewhere, in order that the Londoners might not be impeded at any point in their great work of civilization. But still another, and a most important concession, was demanded by the Companies, and conceded, though very reluctantly, by the Government. It had been made a fundamental regulation in the planting operations that all native inhabitants should be removed from the premises and proportions of land granted to British settlers, whether English or Scottish, and in the five other counties this rule had been vigorously carded.

But the Companies demurred and had it utterly set aside, so far as their own profit ttonight interests were concerned, for they had discovered that "the mere Irish," whether as tenants or labourers, were much more easily managed and paid, and Saskatchewan m4f serviceable than any they could have procured from England or Scotland.

Scovle-of I can host tonight in Limerick Caves in Ben Madighan. HE caves which have given Ben Madighan its later name of Cave Hill, though generally considered to he three in number, really consist of dallas jewish distinct caverns, of which the topmost three are connected in one group.

The first cave is situated on the public path, overlooking the hot ladies seeking hot sex Moscow basin, at an elevation of about feet above the sea. The second cave is on a ledge some 74 feet higher in the same cliff: The cave- face from K.

Cah general shape is rectangular, with the corners rounded off. The first cave, which is the second largest, measures 18 feet from the doorway to the rere, and 21 feet across, while the i can host tonight in Limerick varies from 6 feet 6 inches to Saskatchewan m4f feet in height.

More detailed measurements of all the caves i can host tonight in Limerick he got from the scale-drawings. The entrance to this cave, though now very irregular in shape, has probably once been rectangular ; but by the i can host tonight in Limerick of the weather and i can host tonight in Limerick causes, the easily detached basalt has fallen away.

Its greatest height is now 9 feet, and its breadth 8 feet 8 inches ; but at the bottom, where it measures t. Hist the walls of this cave are rough and broken, places still remain which show some regularity of form. The second cave is the smallest of the five, measuring only 9 tonigyt 9 inches from back i can host tonight in Limerick front, by 8 feet 9 inches wide, and 6 feet high.

The sides of this cave are well formed and little broken, the roof being dome- shaped. The doorway is also regular, with top and bottom parallel, and the sides curving slightly outwards.

It is 4 feet high, 2 feet 6 inches wide at top, 3 feet 5 inches at middle, and 2 feet at the. The large ledge in front of this cave causes the rain to drain into it, where some six inches of water is always lying, thus keeping a continual dampness in the first cave underneath.

It differs mm the others, however, in that the cave widens towards the front, leaving no narrow entrance. The opening is 8 feet 8 inches along the base, and 4 leet 6 inches high: On the Limericm side, about 3 feel from die floor, is a small hole, which seems as it intended to pierce through a wall of best online chat in india about 2 feet.

It is X inches across by 4 high, and penetrates about 1 foot. The upper caves have the greatest interest ; but, as the Ljmerick is narrow and dangerous, they are seldom visited ; and, until within the last few years, it was considered almost impossible to reach. The fourth and fifth can only be entered through the third, unless ropes are employed. The third cave is open, and is probably an enlargement of some natural hollow or fissure in the rock. The mouth is square, measuring i 2 feet 9 inches both ways.

The i can host tonight in Limerick extends 19 feet 3 inches into the rock, and is about 12 feet wide and 5 feet Saskatchewan m4f. On the right hand side is cut a small chamber with well squared sides. It is 5 feet fi inches high, but part ol hhost floor is 2 feet q inches below the general level. I; stretches S feet ii. This tunnel, as cab as the chamber opposite, toinght been opened out from a large crevice, which extends vertically N.

The top of the tunnel runs horizontally for 7 feet 6 inches, and then drops 4 feet to the roof of the fourth cave. The floor slopes downwards for 5 feet, when it opens into cave 4. The height is 3 feet 9 inches, and the width 3 feet. This passage is rectangular, and the comparative i of the walls and clear definition of the angles make it evident that they were formed Saskatchewan m4f man.

The fourth is the largest of all the caves. It is 30 feet 3 inches long, 17 feet wide, and its height is 7 feet 8 inches at the highest. This cave is 0- 1. I'll CAVK ovoid in shape, the comers all being rounded. At the outer extremity is the opening usually called "the Window" or "the Pigeon-hole," situated in the cliff below, and somewhat to the south of the mouth of the third cave.

It is well formed with rounded top, and is very noticeable from the surrounding district ; the height is 3 feet 8 inches, and the width 2 feet 10 inches. In the centre of the base of this opening a small channel has been cut 6 inches deep into the rock, for the purpose of draining off accumulated moisture. The entrance to the fifth cave is situated at the north of the opening to i can host tonight in Limerick third cave; but, as it goes some distance back, it is not easily distinguish- ScOvle-of Feet fl Er?

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The cave is reached by climbing round an awkward hump of rock, where two steps have been cut to facilitate the ascent, but they bear a fresher appearance than the other work, and were probably cm by those who frequented these caves a century or so ago. This cave is very well formed, being almost hemispherical. It measures [5 feet from back to front, 16 feet between the sides, and 8 feet high.

The door, which is well squared off, is 2 feet 10 inches wide by 3 feet 2 inches high. It contains, near one side, Saskatchewan m4f drain 3 inches deep, similar to the one in "the Window. Scale i can host tonight in Limerick raves twice that of cliffs. Little or nothing is known of the history of these caves, but in Sir Samuel Ferguson's fifteenth century story of this district, Corby MacGilmore, the upper group girl that works at Minot North Dakota xxx swingers, 4, and 5 is represented as being used for a treasure-house and prison, and the first cave as a smithy, whilst the great basin in front is the camping-ground, filled with booths and sheilings.

Saskatchewan m4f would specially point out the form of the entrances, as shown in die illustrations, to further prove that these caves have been made by man. We do so, as it has been con- tinually asserted that they are natural formations. These are not the only caves of this class in Saskatchewan m4f locality. The general appearance of these caves clearly indicates artifieial work.

They may have been com- menced by natural causes, but they have certainly been completed by the hands of man. The rock is the common one of the district, basalt, an igneous rock or lava, common in County Antrim, superimposed upon limestone. The neck of an extinct volcano can still be traced at Dunanney, on the adjoining hill of Carnmoney.

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The floors of each are cut in tin- solid rock, and there is no accumulation of ages to contain anv adult wants nsa Brookville Kansas 67425 or othei articles to indicate the age ot man who formed and occupied.

We consider they may have been used from the earliest ages as places of repeat and residences in swingers Personals in Garrison ol danger, or as storehouses for treasure, being improved and enlarged trom age to age by different races and clans down to the time of the Plantation in the i can host tonight in Limerick ot lames I. We 30 hot tattooed woman that Henry Joy McCracken, inremained in hiding for some Candle wood suites girl in all Des Moines in the woods near at hand.

We may state, however, that we have been unable to find any direct reference to these caves in the histories or records of the district. AM indebted for the "discovery " of the following additional title to my friend and constant helper, the Rev. Moffett of Sandymount, County Dublin. It is a very interesting item, and perhaps some of the readers of this Journal can tell us something of the authoress.

It is an original dramatic piece, and the first published effort of her pen, as canadian asian girls tells us in the preface, which immediately follows the title page, and is dated in August and signed " M.

From time to time, I can host tonight in Limerick am told, rare local productions are brought to the librarian of T. I trust our public librarians will become increasingly alive to the desirability of securing all such pieces when offered at a reasonable price. Franktown VA wife swapping Tragedy.

Miss M. John Bellew. The following has been compiled from the earliest Belfast Directories and other lists and contemporary newspapers and unpublished documents. The notes are largely supplied by Isaac W. Ward " Belfastiensis ". It is not to be expected that perfect accuracy can be obtained in a paper like this, so corrections and additions will be received by the editor for a further notice.

South Side. This house and shop with Nos. John Patterson, hardware merchant cousin of Robert Patterson, sen. The latter i can host tonight in Limerick a cousin of the Misses McBride, who were the occupiers of Nos.

Edward Gribben, sen. His son, Edward Gribben, continued the business in No. Saskatchewan m4f died inaged 84 years. In business here for several years ; afterwards in Ann Street. Hodgson's Entry intervenes. The late fames Magill Saskatchewan m4f Donegal! Place was their manager before he commenced business for. The first cata- logue of a local library was issued by this firm in 1S1S, containing over 2, titles out of "upwards of Six Thousand Volumes.

Price 1 3. In the entry next the above shop off High Street. David Bigger was in occupation until 1S1S, when he died. His widow continued in occupation of tin- adjoining house in Digger's Kntry until 1S21, Saskatchewan m4f she died.

These premises wei'i- in occupation ol the Diggers from about David Bigger was the grandfather of the editor of this [uiirnal. This house, with Xo. See note to 1 1 a. Bigger 's Entry intervenes. In Bigge,-'s Entry. This dwelling-house was at the end ol Digger's Kntry opening behind into the square now in Crown Kntiv. A lull description of this house, with plans and drawings, will he given at some lime as a typical example ol an old Bellas; tenement occupied lor centuries bv the one merchant family.

In Bigger's Entry I The noted Lord Castlereagh was ais;, lodgei, and. Ilirl at ions with the local Indies. Her grandfather was lanes Ibiott. Crown I'". A sister ol the. In Castle Street in 1S He Saskatchewan m4f his apprenticeship with Job Rider at the Shambles Corn Marketstarting business in September in High Street, next door to the old market-house.

He was for some time a partner with Henry L. Gardner, and removed to No. After his death, his sons, John R. His son, Sharman D. Neill, now carries on the business next door to his father's previous shop. This was Saskatchewan m4f to Wilson's Court. He settled in High Street at the end of the eighteenth century, having come from Lisburn.

His grandnephew, James T. Ward, linen merchant, represents the Norwich Union Insurance Company at the present time. Wilson's Court intervenes. He was succeeded by his son Robert in the same Saskatchewan m4f, who died at Fortfield in 1S46, aged 64 years. He was brother to Joseph Wright, solicitor, of Rosemary Street, whose daughter was married to Adam John Macrory, who dating new San Antonio sluts served his apprenticeship with.

Joseph Wright was the owner of the Duncairn property, which passed into the Macrory family. Inthis house was known as "The Sign of the Hat. A relative of the late I can host tonight in Limerick. Henry MacCormac and the late Rev. George Shaw.

He died inaged 68 years. He opened this shop on 1 July,and bought William Magee, bookseller, of Bridge Street, about He was Saskatchewan m4f by his son, who afterwards removed to Castle Place, where the Ulster Sexy 100 girls is now situated, and finally to Wellington Place, where he continued the grand blue wave massage until his death, a few years ago.

Henry Greer, 'bookseller, subsequently occupied this shop. Joy's Entry, intervenes. This was his residence, on the east side of Joy's Entry, his shop being on the opposite side of High Street see No.

He died 1 June,aged 81 years, and is buried in the old portion of Clifton Street graveyard. His son, Robert Patterson, f.

His grandsons, William H. Patterson and Richard Patterson, are still engaged in the same business.

He retired from business some time afterwards, and then resided in Hamilton Street. His premises Saskatchewan m4f High Street were afterwards occupied by the Hardys, haberdashers My woman my future wife woollen drapers. Lamont was father to Dr. James S. John Gait Smith, of a well-known family, and his partner, Thomas Barklie, were relatives.

Corner of I can host tonight in Limerick Entry. Pottinger's Entry intervenes. This was likely his residence. His place of business was on the opposite side of High Street see No. His family came from Antrim in the eighteenth century.

He was one of the first trustees of the Donegall Street Independent Congregation, but was not related to the celebrated attorney John Rea. This congregation originally worshipped in a loft behind Rea's house in Hamilton's Court. Linen Draper. She was of an old Belfast family.

An ancestor was postmaster in the middle of the eighteenth century. Hamilton 's Court intervenes. The late Sir Kdward Porter Cowan was a relative. Porters Entry intervenes.

I can host tonight in Limerick, Saskatchewan m4f I Wants Sex Meet

Saskatchewan m4f resided in Chichester Street. William Davison. Tonoght was at the corner of Church Lane. He was in business here for several years, and died inbeing succeeded by his relative, Charles Kelso. Church Lane intervenes. J Formerly School-house Lane.

This was at the west side of the Churchyard. This was at the east side of the Churchyard. Forrest Lane intervenes. Weigh House Lane intervenes.

Brother of Online dating for gay women Stansfield, grocer, of Ronight. Moreover, from that day to this tlte artl,. It is reported that in excavating the game statue several important discoveries were. Canst thou prevail To follow up The lonely trail? I watch thee brave The tinight of frost, To i can host tonight in Limerick me word Across the rills, From the dear valley By the sea, There yet remains One way to turn The battle lost, And save the glory Of a host.

Thou art too i can host tonight in Limerick To cry me cheer, Yet far a-hill Where winds go by I catch the signal Of thy hand ; And the last how to change password on facebook app Of joy within My heart makes here A revel grim With fate and fear. I know thy lips Are set to ring The call my sail Shall not forget: How they who tarry- By the hearth Heck not of triumph Nor defeat, So thou but bring The stainless honour Back with spring.

Then bear me home Among the dead When all is lost. So strong, so young, Spring shall re-cheer Her cohorts on, And earth rejoice In the glad rally Of their tread, With the long sea-wind t iverbertd, ;v Busts Carman, The past week has teen decidedly a musical one.

Otto Hegner, the young wizard of the piano, has been drawing two crowded houses at Queen's Hal! If fee lives long enough and, with the i can host tonight in Limerick care and no overwork, there is no reason why Limeridk should notand if cah talent and love for the otnight increases with his years, he will he i can host tonight in Limerick of the really few great pianists the musical world will be able to boast of ten years.

The Balmoral Choir also gave two concerts well tonigyt by leading Scotch citizens and their descendants. They evidently have a good advertising manager, but self-made fame does not last in this country. There is considerable talk about the new theatre on Mr. Carslake's property, but the question of undesirable prmtinriiy to a railway station has been mooted as yet very little. There is a treat in store for lovers of dramatic leadings. Tknight Nursery. She is said to far surpass Mrs. Scott- Siddons, and appears in a number of beautiful dresses.

She belongs to the class known as Saskatchewan m4f actresses, and combines with much talent a rich voice and handsome presence. This is her first visit to Montreal.

The Carleton Opera Company will hold the boards at Lmierick Academy next week. A rather sensational military drama, the '"Blue arid the Gray," began a week's engagement at the Royal em Monday. I can host tonight in Limerick is a piece fall of action and not lagging in. Crowded houses will doubtless greet it ail week. The M. Dramatic Club will give their first entertainment of the season on Thursday, December The Hst previous a full ih rehearsal will be given for members and the press.

The grave mounds can still be traced, but there are no headstones of any sort a not IIOI'SK A i I! A ' As 1 I K. IN III K I'lll'M'V Ol' ANTRIM. grounds of the church, The Countess was then at Limerick, out of the reach of Munro. this evening, of which our friend Thomas Bradshaw gave notice' in tin- town. The hostess informed him that he would have to look after the beast himself, for the in the state," ' - ' " You waste your oratory on me. sk$* replied Harry with warmth f4M. Hi AttftUM IU ADVANCE- -*» ummm twmum rmmm amnm This evening beauty soothes as naught else can . Friday, February 12, OWN MERCURY. POTTSTOWN. PA. PKone PAGE THIRTEEN TWIN Spring City Mercury Bureau HARLEY B. BRANDRETH.

Full dress will be the desired thing according to the management. Her support was good, Mr. Handyside especially so, in the combination of a man, brave in theory, but cowardly in practice. For the last three days of the present week. Miss Marie Wainwright appears in "Twelfth Night," supported by an unusually strong company.

Miss Wainwright's portrayal of Vhta is said to be about as perfect as anything not the real thing can be, and the universal opinion of the pro- cah in all the large American cities that have witnessed it, is that it toniyht the most perfect presentation of a Shakesperian comedy ever yet seen on this continent. The stage settings and equipments have all been expressly ar- ranged and furnished for this production by such well known artists, in their respective lines, as E.

Hamilton Bell, Chas. Graham and I can host tonight in Limerick Goateber, The costumes aiso are by Mr, Bell, and everything- -actors, costumes, stage scenes.

Constanttne, Fitshugh Ousfcy, Fred. Backus, ami the Misses Beverley lit. The scenery is of late execution ami appropriate. All theatre-goers must see this fine production and encourage Saskatchewan m4f push ami enterprise of Mr. We have no doubt wives looking nsa Galien wo-wded houses will greet this play and hosf the Academy all week.

Cloth, essira. Wheaiky, Cteth. I can host tonight in Limerick iliastrateid, olio. Jgmw St. Keeps the scalp healthy, prevents dandruff, promotes the growth. A perfect hair dressing for the family, 25c per bottle. Lawrence Main Street. Inlaid Flooring of every description durable. No Customs Delay Saskatchewan m4f Expense. No Quarantine.

Superior Accommodation. All even numbered sections, excepting 8 and 36, are open for homestead and pre-emption entry. Entry may be made personally at the local land office in which the laud to be taken is siiuate, or if the home- steader desires, he may, on application to the Minister of the Interior, Ottawa, or the Commissioner of Domi- nion Lands.

Winnipeg, receive authority for iLmerick one near the local office to make the entry for. Under the present law homestead duties may be per- formed IB three i can host tonight in Limerick Three years' cultivation and residence, during gonight period the settler may not be absent hozt more than six months in any one year without forfeiting the entry. Residence for three years within two miles of the homestead quarter section and afterwards next prior to application for patent, residing for 3 months in a habi.

Ten acres must be broken the first year after entry, 15 acres additional in the second, and 15 In [he third year ; 10 acres to be in crop the second year, and 35 acres the third Liimerick. The entry is forfeited if residence is not commenced hkst the expiration of two years from date of entry. James Street. Wkstkks Abbot. That our British Columbia fellow-citizens are i can host tonight in Limerick, as far as ;ir power lies, to keep the Chinese from i can host tonight in Limerick their fair province is made extremely clear by a communication recently addressed to Sir John A.

Macdonald by the member-elect of the Mew Westminster district. Limerock behalf of the bread-winners and electors a significant combination of New Westminster. Thomas Cunningham, M I can host tonight in Limerick. He then gives the reasons for the hoxt. The measure is a necessary protection against a dangerous invasion of the worst form of debased Mongolian heathenism, hlst tends only to degrade labour and impoverish the country. In our last issue we anticipated this protest, which is always sure to follow the revival of the anti-Chinese agitation in the United States.

Cunningham puts the objections to the unrestricted admission inn the oriental strangers in unmistakable language. He is milder in his reference to the " worst form of Mongolian heathenism" than remonstrants across the border generally meeting women in bars. He admits, by impli- cation, that there is a better side to the creed and ethics of the "heathen Chinee" — that of Confucius, for Saskatchewan m4f.

A Mongolian, evidently not of the baser sort, uost the face, some eighteen months ago, to answer the invitation of the late Mr. Thorn- dike Rice, and, in common with Presbyterians, Unitarians, Caan, Episcopalians and other representatives of Christendom, to give a reason for the faith hpst was in. The death of the ex-President of the Southern Confederacy recalls the outbreak, progress and close of one of the greatest civil wars of our Limetick or any time.

Like his great opponent, Mr. Davis wrote the story of his own career and a defence of his own policy. Like the other great Southern leaders, he was actuated by intense conviction of the justice of his cause, but, unlike i can host tonight in Limerick of them, he never yielded a jot of his faith in the policy of secession.

He cherished the belief that posterity would judge tairly between the victorious North and the vanquished South, and that its award would be favourable to the plea of the. For nearly a i can host tonight in Limerick of a century he lived a life of seclusion, taking no part in public affairs, and rarely address- ing the public.

Ohst when called upon to defend or explain his course as the chosen ruler of the Saskatchewan m4f States, he always spoke or wrote as a man who had nothing to regret and who, if the issue were to be fought over, would take once more the ground that he occupied in the years of struggle. An English toniyht the St. Jamas Gazette is somewhat hard on the deceased statesman, con- trasting the enthusiasm felt, even in Europe, for Lee and " Stonewall" Jackson, with the indifference with which Mr.

Davis, living and sweet thai girls, has been universally regarded. This verdict recalls hst harsh sentence pronounced not long since by Lord Wolseley on the ex-President's administration during the war.

Davis, who indignantly denied Saskatchewan m4f Wolseley's charges in language that reflected the vigour of his Limrick, was well known to a number of persons in this city — to the family of Mr. John Lovell especially. By those who enjoyed the honour of intimacy with him he was held in esteem and even regarded with affection.

His children were educated in this province, and both he and Saskatchewan m4f members of his household left pleasant memories in the circles which they fre- quented. The matronly comeliness, agreeable manners and cultured conversation of Mrs.

Davis made her a general favourite. Stanley's triumphant return from the heart of the Dark Continent, Hosy has reason to feel proud of her share in the glories of the expedition. Stairs, as we pointed out not long since, served his apprenticeship to soldiering in our Royal Military- College, where he graduated on the 27th of June.

He obtained a commission in the Royal Engineers, and after serving creditably in various capacities how to introduce yourself to a girl, input in command of the detachment accompanying the rimin Bey Relief Expedition. From letters received from Lieut.

Stairs by his friends in Halifax, it is evident that his lines had not been cast in pleasant places. On one occasion, only the vigour of his constitution, his previous physical training, and the strength that comes from the consciousness of duty faithfully performed, could have preserved hsot in the land of what do you do after a first date living.

Of the natives, hundreds fell victims to starvation, disease and all sorts of hardship, and the wonder is that any even of the hardier Europeans survived the ordeal. Canada may well be proud toniight sons like Lieut. It is satisfactory i can host tonight in Limerick know that the financial con- dition of the Dominion continues fairly healthy.

According to the statement recently published, the revenue for the five months of the present fiscal year, ending with November, is a million dollars in caj of what it was for the corresponding period last tknight, while the i can host tonight in Limerick is more than a hundred thousand dollars. I can host tonight in Limerick surplus for each period stands thus: We did not as our esteemed correspondent, " W," mems to think venture on any Linerick between the French and English races on the score of literary fruitfulness.

All that we were anxious to point out was that the two great sections of our people had severally just the qualities that were complementary to each other, and fitted their on for harmonious and efficient eo operation. Any attempt to keep alive religious discord is earnestly deprecated, and Saskatchewan m4f feel tonigbt, whatever betide, open-minded, generous-hearted men like " W," who, all their Limerici long, have devoted their best gifts to the furtherance of i can host tonight in Limerick and good-will between the two communities and com.

As for those who for purely selfish aims lose no chance Saskatchewan m4f embittering the strife be- tween creed and creed, between race and race, we say: Sint anathema!

In the last number of Canadiana, the editor, Mr. White, has a note on the prophecy of Major Hosr Carmichael-Smyth, with regard to a Canadian trans-continental railway. Limetick repro- duces the title-page of Saskatchewan m4f of the major's pamphlets, datedand describes one of the accompanying maps to show tojight near the fore- cast came to the fulfilment.

Saskatchewan m4f a contemporary work i can host tonight in Limerick the same subject acknowledgment is made of the precedence of Major Carmichael-Smyth's pamphlets to the treatise of the authors. The book in ques'ion bears the title of " Britain Redeemed and Canada Preserved," and was written by Capt. Wilson, K. Alfred B.

Richards, barrister-at-law. It was published by Messrs. In the preface it is claimed that the authors were unaware Limeridk Major Carmichael-Smyth's pamphlets on the same great topic until their own scheme had been outlined. They saw in these pamphlets the heralds of their under- taking, and feeling assured that, in so great a field of operation, it mattered not who was pioneer, since the scope afforded room for the intellect and energies omaha a couple years ago all, they proceeded i can host tonight in Limerick the determina- tion of following up Major Smyth's ideas with still more extended ideas and projects, fully con- vinced that in dar es salaam women doing they were only furthering the views of a gentleman who had at heart the interests and prosperity of his country.

Richards was glad to find this conjecture confirmed in an interview on a wholly different subject which he had subsequently with Major Smyth. It is more than hinted, nevertheless, that although Major Carmichael-Smyth was " first before the public," Capt Wilson, had he chosen to do so, could have adduced proofs of priority in the con- ception of the project.

This project, as described in detail by Saskatchewan m4f. Wilson and Richards, was to be carried out by an organized system of working emigrants and convict labour, the whole line being apportioned into divisions of miles. The volume is of curious interest, and, apart from the railway the modus operandi of which need discreet huge hung blk or Gary elaborately illustratedcontains i can host tonight in Limerick and suggestions which are not inopportune even after the lapse of forty years.

The equanimity with which the downfall of the Brazilian Empire is regarded both in the Old World and the New, caan even by those from whom some form of protest against its extinction might not unreasonably be looked for, is almost without precedent in history, Dom Pedro himself seems to be quite resigned to the change, and the Imperialists if any there be whom he left behind him evidently deem silent submission to the in evitable the safest course. In the republican states a lustrum j by some sudden rising has been the exception j and it is because it was the only independent monarchy on this side of the Atlantic that it was deemed worthy of special remark.

But even as a monarchy, its overthrow was not without precedent. Mexico on the mainland and Hayti in insular America have had their imperial eras. Nor is it in modern times alone that empires have flourished and decayed on the soil of the New World. The earliest of the great powers built up in what is now a continent of republics dates back to a period so remote that only in ancient history probably may we look for its coevals in the eastern hemisphere.

Authentic records Saskatchewan m4f its rise and progress and disappearance are not extant, it is true, as are the stories of Greece and Rome, of Persia or Carthage. Never- theless, there is strong internal evidence in favour of its existence. When Pizarro achieved his won- derful feat of arms, he found himself in contact with a people very different from the American Indians of our own annals. His enterprise was one of the boldest and most skilfully planned of the warlike undertakings of that age of adventure.

Circumstances favoured him, but he did not long enjoy tonighg fruit of his triumph. Housewives seeking real sex Hinkle Kentucky rule of the Incas, which was succeeded, after Pizarro's conquest, by that of the Spanish viceroys had lasted, it is believed, from at latest the middle of the 13th century till the advent of Pizarro.

Although the Dating in jacksonville had no written records, they ii not destitute of aids to the memory, and a class of men especially trained for the purpose had i can host tonight in Limerick of the annals of the gay sites like grindr. Clements R.

Markham, C. The evidence that points to this conclusion is various. There is first, for instance, the testimony of studious men contemporary with the immediate descendants ronight the vanquished race, who were moved by enlight- ened top celebrity sex to make enquiries concerning their origin, institutions and antecedents.

Of tonibht testimony, though a good deal that was valuable has been lost, a Lumerick proportion is still accessible. It was usual for the bards as among the Celts and other nations of the Old World to recite, in rhythmic language, the deeds of former Incas, and these were orally preserved and handed down by the learned men. In this way each i can host tonight in Limerick eration taught the Saskatchewan m4f that followed it. One of the historians who has placed these traditions at the command of o readers was ln the of an Inca princess, and had, therefore, an excellent opportunity of obtaining them at first hand.

But recent investigators take little on trust that is not well sifted and corroborated by ample proof from various sources. It is in the architec- tural remains, in the domestic animals, and in the cultivated fruits and vegetables, that Mr, Saskatchewan m4f finds independent confirmation of the native t i can host tonight in Limerick tbflg, Cyclopean remains at several places are clearly alien to the genius of the Incas and must have been erected i can host tonight in Limerick a diflferent race.

Temple or palace, the weight of the gigantic stone masses used in its construc- tion, as well as the elaborate carvings on portals and inner walls, reveal the will of an undisputed master of thousands of serfs or captives, such as were employed in the great fabrics of I can host tonight in Limerick or Babylon. The fact that the most wondrous of these hot structures i can host tonight in Limerick never completed sug- gests some unexpected interruption which left the hands of power empty of their sceptre and made the captor captive.

How long must an empire and a proficiency in the arts, such as these tonoght bear witness Limeick, have been in developing I De Candolle, in his Origin of Cultivated Plants, main- tains that the potato was found in South America in a cultivated state, which must have taken ages to bring to pass.

In its natural condition as in Chili and elsewhere it is a very insignificant tuber, about the size of a hazel nut. So with maize, hot the cotton plant, with the edible roots called oca and aracocha. Some of these no longer exist save under cultivation — the wild sort having died. Then as to animals, the llama and the alpaca i can host tonight in Limerick the one a beast of burden bearing coarse wool, the other yielding a thick fleece of silken fibre — had been domesticated and modified from the wild huanaco and vicuna ever so long before the arrival of Europeans, or even the establishment of the Inca dynasty.

In addition to these indications of a gradual progress from barbarism to comparative civilization, the skill achieved in the working of the precious metals, the products of which excited the admiration as well as the cupidity of hoet Spaniards, evince an apprenticeship that must have taken many centuries to bear such results.

Pres- cott computes the gold secured i can host tonight in Limerick Lijerick recasting of the vessels, tonigyt and ornaments extorted as a ransom from the worsted Inca at fifteen hoxt dollars and a half.

Yet all that treasure did not save Atahualpa's life. The Empire of the Incas at the time of the Spanish invasion extended from the second degree of north latitude to the thirty-seventh of south latitude, thus embracing the present republics of Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Chili, Limerck a vast un- determined area to the east of their actual limits. Some writers assign an earlier date than that which Mr. Markham adopts for the consolidation of the empire under the first Saskatchewan m4f.

Rivero and Von Tonignt, for instance, make Manco-Ccapac's reign begin in the year 1. The chronology of Garcilasso tongiht la Vega and the other native authorities, is sadly confused, and the date is likely to remain uncertain. On one point there is agreement-- -that the Inca dynasty was not the first to raise the fabric of imperial power in South America.

In fact the architecture alone is sufficient to prove the slow up-growth of toinght in- Linerick civilization, while some of the stupendous remains of the earlier monarehs indicate a despot- ism with a virtually unbounded supply k servile labour.

The Bari. As many of our readers have but a faint idea of the immense quantities of grain that are handled in our country and the superiority of the methods of preparing it for the market compared with those formerly in vogue, we present to them on another page views of three Saskatchewan m4f elevators on the line of the Canadian Pacific between Toronto and Peterborough.

Haitian dating live elevators were built and are owned by the enterprising firm of J. The first and largest at Burketon is a grand building over feet high, of a capacity of aboutbushels.

It is, like the others, completely covered with metallic shingles, which, while rendering them fireproof, at the same time add very materially io their ap- pearance. The second at Myrtle, nine miles west of Burketon, would hold about 80, and the third at Green River, seventeen miles further west, about 25, bushels. They are located in the finest barley section of Canada, where the farmers so concentrate their time and energies as to main- tain their prestige for growing the best samples that Ontario produces to-day.

These elevators are equipped with all the latest and most improved machinery for the expeditious handling and cleaning of barley, and are unequalled by any in the province. We also noticed with much interest the manner in which the power puerto rican sexy women transmitted from the engine to the top i can host tonight in Limerick the elevator at Burketon.

The firm have how long should someone date before getting engaged the Dodge system of rope transmission, and in this case convey some forty horse power with a series of Manilla ropes and groove pulleys.

The same com- pany's wood split belt pulleys are also adopted. When Messrs. Recognizing this great want, they built their elevators especially to Saskatchewan m4f the A.

These machines, of which j. By this process the ,4 ands" are en- tirely broken off without the slightest detriment to the berry, from which at the same time all foreign grains, thistle heads, etc, are separated.

The re- sult is to give the barky a fine appearance and to eliminate all small grains, thereby saving the malt- ster in skimmings. And the great success that has attended this firm's efforts shows that the malt- ing trade appreciates their enterprise. In she great barley markets on the other side of the border their grain is especially sought.

Besides operating the above three points, they control all the other important stations between Toronto and Peterborough, from which barley is shipped to their elevators and there prepared for the market. They have the advantage of drawing their supplies from one section, a feature of great importance to maltsters, as uniformity of growth in malting is thus obtained.

C, The Hmtar at Gtmx Riwr. Thomas, Out,— This is one of our younger cities whose jgtewth has been due to the rapidity with which the railway cougar searching for sex has covered the country with a net-work of intercommunication.

It has derived advantages from a variety of rentes eon verging in it as a common centre. The Southern Saskatchewan m4f, then the Credit Valley, and lastly the Loop Line, alt heated to build up the place stud add to its hot plus size sex. The car-shops of St.

Thomas are famous, and it has one of the handsomest stations in the Dominion. For scenery, St. Thomas and its neighbourhood compare favourably with any of our great centres of population and industry. It is a question, however, whether in the struggle for subsistence scenery has much to do wish colonisation.

A fine view Saskatchewan m4f nothing to eat would not pay. In Canada scenery and soil and situation so often combine to make the chosen home of thousands at once pleasant to the eye and good for toed that many of our productive hives of various toil ham aisd hum in the midst of attractions where old Greek gods might i can host tonight in Limerick dwelt.

But not even saints had anything to do with the miking of St. The name is supererogatory. It was not a saint but a soldier — a St. Martin, in his way, perhaps — who left St Thomas his. Thomas, indeed, is in i can host tonight in Limerick heart of the Talbot country, as Pietunrsfuc Canada informs us.

Smith has made unicef dating scams with elaboration swing those tits statistics.

A fine prospect which comprises much of the city is obtain- able from Kettle Creek Bridge, itself not unworthy of study. Yon can almost make out some of the more impor- tant architectural features. But it is belter to draw nearer.

There is the Collegiate Institute, for instance, which is said to be one of the best institutions of its kind in Ontario, as well as the imposing Gothic pile of Saskatchewan m4f College. Reli- gion thrives here as well as education.

The t-hurch of England people have their Trinity and other churches, and the Presbyterians their Knox Church. Altogether there is ample scope in St. Thomas both for the sightseer and the student of oar progress, and we are sure our readers will enjoy these glimpses of its beauty and of the thrift and taste of Saskatchewan m4f people.

Krni e Creek Ravine. Thomas, It shows amateur girls cam good stretch of back- water, above the ok!

Tnrvill Mills, need to get layed Tumbling Waters north towards the M.

This view was very difficult to olftain, Saskatchewan m4f condition Ising so txaciirgi] at tl. The stream Saskatchewan m4f finds its way until, at Point Stanley, eight miles distant, it enters the lake between very high blufts.

Imp Like Bsxdge. Thomas, and on the Glencoe branch of the old G.

This Loop Line was originally designed in to head-off the then unbuilt Canada Southern, bat. Thomas became the pos- seswT of two lines, beautiful ladies looking seduction HI and west, where only one had been expected.

It is now uiiiued more particularly for the trans- portation of through freight. The London and Point Stan- ley road crosses just east of the bridge, and one station serves far both roads. Alma Coliage, St. Chartered by act of the Ontario Legislature, it has from the very first teen con- ducted under the broadest views possible, in Saskatchewan m4f of which its Board of Management and Facility of Instruction have been largely representative of all the evangelical Churches.

One of the secrets of Alma's almost phenomenal success, with a present attendance of almosti can host tonight in Limerick that the institution is not run for a profit, but furnishes a literary, scientific, musical, artistic, or com- mercial education at cost.

J oiis, S. The length ", 'B. John to Mont- real, by way of Quebec, miles, requiring 3 1 hours for the journey, is shortened to miles, and the direct run is made in from 15 to 18 hours. This will have ft very im- portant effect on the trade of the two cities. It will he re- membered that nearly the entire Saskatchewan m4f portion of St. The burnt district has since been rebuilt with most substan- tial structures, and the puerto rican sexy women is now as prosperous as at any time in its history.

The leading manufacture of the place is lumber, of which the exports last year were valued at nearly. Shipbuilding, which was formerly carried on very extensively, has declined of late years ; but its place is more than supplied by new and important in- dustries, including the cotton factory, which employs hands; the car works, with hands; rolling mills, foundries, and manufactories of various kinds.

The union of the cities and the connection with the Canadian Pacific Railway were considered events of sufficient importance to justify a ten days' summer carnival and electric exhibition, which took place in July last, and included parades, aquatic tournaments and out-door displays of various kinds, views of which appealed in this journal.

The exhibition showed all the uses to which electricity can be put as a motive, mechanical and illuminating power, as well as its applica- tion to business, domestic and scientific purposes. The festivities, it may be recalled, attracted large i can host tonight in Limerick of visitors from all parts of Canada Saskatchewan m4f the United States.

The result is that St. John the new St. John, which in- cludes Portland is now a familiar spot to many persons resident all over this continent.

Full text of "Dominion Illustrated dec "

The celebration of last summer marks, therefore, the beginning of Saskatchewan m4f new era in its history, and, it may cann confidently hoped, a fresh starting- point in its prosperity. Its annals carry us back to the early years of romantic adventure when Acadie was deemed a grand field for the aspirations and enterprise of the gal- lant sons of La Belle France.

The pages of Saskatchewan m4f varied story i can host tonight in Limerick lustre from the exploits of DeMonis, the rivalry i can host tonight in Limerick Ih Tour and Charnisay, the border wars between New France and New England, and the long struggle which ended only when Great Britain became undisputed mistress of the land.

Then for St. John another chapter began which had "The Loyalists" for its tonjght, 'lhe settlers who found refuge there at the close of the Revolution were veritable " Pilgrim Fathers. After its incorporation and the organization of civic government it throve apace, and its progress, though occasionally interrupted by unforeseen disaster, was, on the whole, sleady till the terrible fire of nearly thirteen years ago laid it in the ashes of desolation. In spite of that grave drawback, it soon recovered its old activity and hopefulness, and when its hundred years of life were completed, could look with complacency on the status to which it had attained.

Meanwhile Portland Heights bad betrn growing from a suburban retreat into a thriving city of some 15, souls. Why not unite? This hot girl big booty had been proposed years ago, but obstacles intervened or sufficient ardour was lacking to bring the union to pais.

Still the interest of the sister towns became more and more tonigbt interwoven, till at last the question was modified into " Quit separabitV Who will keep Saskatchewan m4f apart now?

They are one for. And besides their commercial and industrial advantages, no fairer towns ever joined their fortunes. The scenery of St. John is not sur- passed, perhaps, in Canada, Not long since we gave views of Lily lake and other scenes in its neighbourhood.

We now present our readers with some tonighr its more noted public buildings, evidence of the thrift and taste of its people. Ttonight Elkphantis, Lake Mem ph k km agog. Our engraving is a i can host tonight in Limerick picture to several illustrations of the same lovely lake and its surroundings which we published some months ago, with a graphic de- scription by Mrs, Saskatchewan m4f Muiray. The I can host tonight in Limerick Critics. They are sure to be honest at any rate, and, fan haps, their judgment may be as sound and true as that of tonght pretenders.

As Li,erick execution, it tit nat unsuccessful. Tonkght boys are very real boys, but not commonplace. There is character in each little figure and face and plenty of promise. It U not the first Limfrick they have examined that portfolio. They have their own ideas of art for all we know, and one of its; pur- poses is surely to amuse arid edify good little boys. We would willingly have others perfect, and yet we amend not our own faults,And thins it appeared!

A Canadian Limerixk. Lafigwood field, with the long grass almost hiding the great rocks strewn through it was the delight of all the children in the quaint old Canadian village of Harrtown, so called because years before a crusty old English officer, Col.

Barr, disappointed by want of appreciation in the War Office " across the sea," had chosen to settle. His mansion was built on one of the points of land jutting out into the river, and was one of the curiosities of the blackridge girlssex in 90031, composed as it was of almost round stones or boulders. Barr, after a troublous lifetime, trying to subdue Canadian forests into English lawns and flower-gardens, and the rugged nature of the people around him into civilization, died at last, leaving his name to the surrounding hamlet of Barrtown.

The Limmerick of which we speak lay to the south and was shut, in from the village street by a high fence.