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Friday, June 22, 2018

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Zingaro’s Calacas by Bartabas: A Dance of Death and Life

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Written by Marc Pagnier Published Jun 2, 2014 Marc Pagnier

Rédacteur en Chef des titres en anglais, français et chinois.

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Théâtre Équestre Zingaro plays Calacas, a show that combines equine acrobatics and drama lately produced by the founder Bartabas, from 16th May to 4th June at La Halle de Martiques. There are altogether 15 shows with 27 horses, 10 riders and 2 rings.

Zingaro, the equestrian theatre, and Calacas

Bartabas said: “What interests me in Calacas is the dance macabre. It’s not only a dance of death, but also a dance of life. I’ve set up the show like a carnival and let the spectators travel in images. This is one of the characteristics of Calacas….The ending of Calacas has a joyful aspect, life continues like in a carnival. It’s a race without end, one must keep going.”

zingaro, bartabas, calacas,

Bartabas employs a revolutionary design this time. In addition to the central ring that serves as the centre stage, he adds another ring above the audience level to create a stunning visual effect – the horses appear as flying when they are actually running. Théâtre Équestre Zingaro leads us to travel again through its performance. Bartabas’ inspiration came from the mysterious and festive Latin America, and he mixed the elements like skeletons and sweets, procession and carnival in his show.

After having pounded the ground of his Théâtre Équestre Zingaro for more than a quarter of a century, Bartabas is now tackling the skies and make us enter into this dance of the souls that is joyfully macabre.

Chinchinero from Chile

The show is a wild and sonorous carnival and a travel into the hereafter of the Latin American world. A pagan requiem led by the Chinchinero drums and barrel organ in the whirling apocalypse, with, as always, the presence of horses, the main actor in all shows.

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