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Friday, June 22, 2018

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Sailing Race in Marseille: Voiles du Vieux Port

voiles vieux port, marseille,
Written by Marc Pagnier Published Jun 18, 2014 Marc Pagnier

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From 19th-22nd June, Marseille welcomes the greatest navigators and the traditional sailing ships at its old port for the annual sailing race “Voiles du Vieux Port”. 

There are around 200 traditional sailing ships worldwide and most of them are in the Mediterranean. Since eleven years, the “Voiles du Vieux Port” has always been an important gathering for sailing ship owners and a display of their beautiful sailing ships which most of them are “centenarians”. This year, star racers include Bruno Troublé and his Jour de Fête, he had participated in the America’s Cup and has joined the “Voiles du Vieux Port” since 2013; and also offshore racing skippers such as the traditional yacht lover Florence Arthaud and her Sonda.

voiles vieux port, marseille,

Impressive sailing ships not to be missed include the perfect shaped Alcyon 1871, regular participant Moonbeam of Fife, and Thistle built by Georges Lennox Watson in 1890.

The old port of Marseille (in front of the esplanade of the Harbour Master’s Office) will be the public showcase of forty sailing ships. Some of them are categorized as historic monument, such as Palynodie II, which has an amazing history.

Various nautical clubs and organizations in Marseille have contributed to the organization of the race. The “Voiles du Vieux Port” will take place in a village near the Harbour Master’s Office. Apart from racing, other activities like animations, exhibitions, concerts will also be included. Craftsmen and artists from Marseille will join to present their nautical theme design.

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