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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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SAILING BOATS in Saint-Tropez 2014, the most beautiful boats for over 15 years

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Written by Marc Pagnier Published Sep 11, 2014 Marc Pagnier

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Sailing boats Saint-Tropez 2014 : 300 beautiful, modern and chic boats from all over the world have changed a designed friendly gathering into an unavoidable rendezvous. In the ocean is just like on the ground, 4,000 team-mates throughout the world get together in Saint-Tropez for over 15 years. The combination of traditional yachts with boats of the 3rd millennium is the main characteristic of the sailing boats. From September th 27th to October the 5th 2014.

After the arrival of the traditional sailing boats of Cannes, on Sunday September the 28th , within the framework of the renowned the Autumn Cup of Yacht Club in France, the regattas will start from the gulf of Saint-Tropez, Monday the 29th for modern sailing boats, then Tuesday the 30th for all the competitors. 

Sailing Boats in Saint-Tropez 2014 : the centenarians

Over 30 of centenarians, which is a tremendous number, are going to in the Sailing Boats in Saint-Tropez 2014, and the Thursday they have the regatta in their own name with the partner Yacht Club of Gstaad. This occasion is going to be marked with the 50th birthday of Ikra. In this beautiful moment, this anniversary is going to be celebrated in Nioulargue, where the 1981 saw the first time ever, that the 12mJI challenged Swan 44 Pride with the aim of Patrice de Colmont.

Sailing Boats in Saint-Tropez 2014 : new high light, a sino-franco team

Shamlor is an insteresting new comer in double senses. This one-off established in 2012 within the framework of Axel de Beaufort was worthy of his site, Maxi Dolphin Boatyard, to won the price of “Nautical Design Award”, conferred by the magazine “Yacht &Sail”. The team charged by the skipper Thierry Barot, who is the general manager of the China Team for Amercian Cup and based on HK is going to be consist of 8 Chinese navigators. The hard core has been to participate in great course in China and in Asia ,such as China Cup, China Sea Race, King’s Cup. The objective of the team is to go back to Saint-Tropez at the beginning of next summer for joining in Giraglia Rolex Cup as well as the great international course like the Rolex Sydney/Hobart or the Transpacific. As for the sailing boats, the team will be completed by the big shots like Christian Dumard(ocean navigator , Amerca’s Cup, weather report specialist ) in charge of navigation and tactics or also Christophe Andre(number 1 America’s Cup, Groupama)as forward not to mention the two navigator Vendée Globe and Bernard Gallay in control of sailing boats.

Sailing Boats in Saint-Tropez 2014: Club 55 Cup

 Beyond the illustrious sports trophy fight for during the Sailing Boats in Saint-Tropez 2014 , the club 55 Cup has a special place. Re-enter in the race in 2003, this special duel in the middle of weekdays is not just a commemoration. This is a tribute to the spirit of the regatta that it got in the last century. Two captains challenged each other for the love of sport and for the pleasure of fighting and comparing on the water the performances of their yacht and crew.

sailing boats, nioularge, american cup, saint tropez,

On the ground : party for all

Reestablished last year, the benediction of the sailing boats by father Hayes combines with the tradition of Nioulargue and it will take place Monday the 29th at 9:00 in the port of Saint-Tropez.

Sport, conviviality and festivity: a show of the sailing boats is going to be assured in the ocean just like on the ground in order to allow the Tropeziens and the public to participate in the event. Highly expected, the crazy ambiance generated by the famous parade of teams will take place Thursday at 19:00

Bear it in mind that the race of petanque will be held in the square of Lyces(places des Lyces) Wednesday night. This high-end competition is another heart-striking time of demonstration. Surely the mixed teams composed with the Tropeziens and the crew will be witnessed.

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