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Friday, June 22, 2018

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Oliver Halsman Rosenberg Photographer from NY at °CLAIR Gallery France

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Written by Marc Pagnier Published Aug 7, 2014 Marc Pagnier

Rédacteur en Chef des titres en anglais, français et chinois.

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°CLAIR Gallery, situated near the Maeght Foundation in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, is a genuine gallery specialised in photographs by some world greatest artists, including the contemporary masters of black and white photography. Represented artists at the Gallery include Adriana Lestido, Andrew Lichtenstein, Boris Savelev, Chris Engman, David Seymour-Chim, Eikoh Hosoe, Erich Hartmann, Erich Lessing, Eve Arnold, Gisèle Freund, Gundula Friese, Guy Le Querrec, Hally Pancer, Inge Morath, Jean Gaumy, Klavdij Sluban, Lee Miller, Leonard Freed, Marcos López, Marcos Zimmermann, Oliver Mark, Patrick Zachmann, Petr Lovigin, Rabi Georges, Thomas Dworzak, Tomasz Lazar, Werner Bischof, Philippe HALSMAN.

Oliver Halsman Rosenberg : New member of the Gallery

Oliver Halsman Rosenberg, a young artist and photographer from New York, is talented in both colour and black and white photography.


His works in colour, which are highly graphic, show a particularly ambivalent approach to the female bodies: exhibition of the bodies in a sensual, rather than an erotic way. The beautifully posed bodies are frozen in time. The contrasting and saturated painted colours maintain a high visibility of the forms, which is a mark of visual maturity. The world evoked is more psychedelic with a taste of pop art rather than fantastic.

Black and White

His black and white approach opens a totally different visual world than the colour does. Women evolve in an indefinite space time leading to an imaginary world. They are portrayed in such diaphanous lightness. The subject of the story is never playful. Exit to the garden, a trolley pushed by two hands, naked body revealing the chest between two sides of a coat, all these images masterfully tell the same multi-millennia fantasy: Women.

Philippe Halsman by Oliver Halsman

Oliver Halsman knows very well the works of his grandfather – Philippe Halsman. Oliver Halsman presents in this video an iconic photograph par excellence – Dali Atomicus, depicting Dali in mid-air, among the cats and the bucket of water.

In this video, the artist explains the distinctive features of the works of Philippe Halsman: the Jumps of his models – jumping as an exceptional way to reveal one’s true self.

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