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Friday, June 22, 2018

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Machottes – a Delightful and Tranquil Resort at the Heart of Provence

Written by KeiKwan Kwong Published Aug 21, 2014
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Few B & B or holiday cottages have both remarkable setting and services. Le Domaine des Machottes* is an exception. Violaine, the hostess, has a good sense of welcoming and taste of design, which explains why Le Domaine des Machottes stands out.

Situated at the heart of Provence between Camargue and Luberon, the Domaine was an 18th century Provençal stone farmhouse. Redesigned by the owners, it retains its authenticity and refinement.

Machottes – A Provençal Estate

Le domaine des machottes, provence; B & B; holiday cottages

The ensemble consists of three B & B and three holiday cottages. Each one is decorated according to a specific theme. The original thick walls are one of the charms. They keep the heat out and maintain the freshness inside throughout summer.

B & B

The common area includes a kitchen and a living room decorated with authentic Provençal objects.


The kitchen is spacious with a magnificent French style ceiling, which was covered by plaster before. The dark and damaged cement floor tiles are replaced by limestone in order to brighten the space.

Living Room

This former barn has become a convivial place where guests can enjoy their breakfast – including jam made with fruits grown right outside the gardens.

Three Guest Rooms

Une Romance Provençale – a room respecting the style of the original farmhouse while retaining the regional comfort and authenticity. The white opaline ceiling light, the original doors decorated with small handmade heart shapes, give out a calm atmosphere. The bathroom is luminous and equipped with an Italian shower.

La Dogon – an invitation to travel. The built-in bookshelves are a showcase of statuettes, Malian objects and books. Terracotta floor tiles add an authentic aspect to the room.

Mille et une Nuits – an exotic Mediterranean world. The bathroom is decorated with beautiful Moroccan crafted tiles Zellige. It is equipped with an Italian shower with transparent partitions.

Le domaine des machottes, provence; B & B; holiday cottages, mille et une nuits

Holiday Cottages

Le Relais du Coche – two bedrooms, one living room and one bathroom, four persons maximum. It is authentically Provençal. The former Persian shutters are transformed into character cupboard doors. The ancient connecting doors are restored with original knobs in porcelain.

Le Refuge des Machottes – two bedrooms, one bathroom and one kitchen that opens to a spacious living room, six persons maximum. Cosiness guaranteed.

Le domaine des machottes, provence; B & B; holiday cottages, calme champêtre

Le Calme Champêtre – three bedrooms, six persons maximum. The old stones give a rustic but refined look. It is ideal for families as a room is specially designed for kids.


The farmhouse is in the Provençal countryside. Those who stay at the holiday cottages can enjoy breakfast in the sunshade; read a book or take a nap in the hammock hanging between the fig trees while listening to the cicadas’ orchestra.

Le domaine des machottes, provence; B & B; holiday cottages

Away from the house, a swimming pool is lying in an area enclosed by cypress trees. The big travertine terrace, the palm trees and other Mediterranean vegetation provide the perfect setting for holiday makers to relax under the red parasols.

Between the house and the swimming pool is a covered terrace, which is nicely decorated with antique objects, some are converted to useful items. A great place to experience the art of living in Provence.

* machotte is a Provençal word, meaning “owl”

Domaine des Machottes – Gîtes et Chambres d’hôtes – chem Férigoules 13450 GRANS – 06 62 24 10 62

Le domaine des machottes, provence; B & B; holiday cottages

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