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Friday, June 22, 2018

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Design Parade 9 at Villa Noailles Rewards Young Designers

design parade, couto rosada, noailles, hyeres,
Written by Marc Pagnier Published Jul 9, 2014 Marc Pagnier

Rédacteur en Chef des titres en anglais, français et chinois.

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The 9th edition of the Design Parade rewards the young French designer, Laura Couto-Rosada for her project “Le chant des quartz”. Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings, the two great Dutch designers, presided the jury. The design projects of ten shortlisted candidates are on show at the Villa Noailles, Hyères  until 28 September.

Grand Prix of the Jury: Laura Couto-Rosada
The project consists of making three crystals sing by harnessing their piezoelectric properties. A frequency generator linked to an amplifier and a transformer is connected to quartz that gives out different but extremely enchanting sound each time. The room is filled with strange sound animation that leaves nobody indifferent.

design parade, couto rosada, noailles, hyeres,

This physical property has been acknowledged since the 19th century and exists in another form inside the high-tech equipment. The designer plays with the paradox between the demystification of technology and the magic of singing crystal. She explained this ambivalent platform, “The project is magical, not because it is technically advanced, but because it reveals the poetry inherent in existing technology.” Electronics becomes a material for both design and expression. It is no longer simply limited to applied physics.

“Le Chant des Quartz” is in the developmental phase for the production of a unique electro-acoustic instrument, including other piezoelectric crystals like tourmaline. In collaboration with the Geneva University of Music, the project could result in a mineral orchestra.

The Public and City of Hyères Award: Thibault Penven

design parade, couto rosada, noailles, hyeres,

The project meets the need of professional and weekend fishermen: “Ar Vag”, which means boat in the Breton language. “Ar Vag” is foldable, can be carried on shoulder and unfurled in five movements. Composed of fiberglass and PVC, “Ar Vag” is yellow in colour and thus visible on water. The oars fit perfectly to the boat’s format.

Several exhibitions dedicated to design throughout summer disclose new trends. The three remarkable ones are:

Stefan Scholten & Carole Baijings: Over the Rainbow

design parade, couto rosada, noailles, hyeres,

The Dutch design duo present their recent works in which some are shown for the first time in France. The duo represents a collaborative initiative without superego.

Forms, Capsule of Design
The artists are to adhere to three tenets: function, sometimes circumvented in order to achieve a more symbolic value of the object; skills of manual craftsmanship; and porcelain as a material, which retains the memory of each action.

Nine designers who have all worked at the atelier of Konstantin in Munich present their research. The objects, that involve all sectors, reflect in an undivided vision of the world transformation.

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