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Friday, June 22, 2018

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Design Garden by Derbez

Written by Marc Pagnier Published Aug 31, 2012 Marc Pagnier

Rédacteur en Chef des titres en anglais, français et chinois.

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Designed by the Derbez Group and their architect, Fanny Chaboud in close collaboration with the property’s owner, the garden achieves a perfect symbiosis between the historic and the contemporary.

Vegetable and mineral

The overall design of the garden successfully combines its provençal base with a «zen» atmosphere by juxtaposing mineral and vegetable elements. The use of stone to separate wet and dry areas, wood for the swimming pool beach and mature trees such as oak and now grasses harmonise naturally within this specific contemporary ambience.

 Geometry and ‘wild’ space

The landscape architect has deliberately used lines and curves to enable the eye to make sense of the space whilst at the same time taking in the garden’s untamed, natural side.

 Zen and design

These two elements are blended in an alchemy that only man can achieve. The success of a garden, and this one especially, isn’t about piling on the detail; instead, it’s about bringing about a metamorphosis that acknowledges the roots of the place. And the result is a space for living.

Photos : Amaury Brac-Joseph

Photos : Amaury Brac-Joseph

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