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Friday, June 22, 2018

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MARTINE CAZIN: an Artistic Translation of Time at Simiane-la-Rotonde

Written by KeiKwan Kwong Published Aug 11, 2014
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Martine Cazin is a real artist. She has dedicated herself to drawing since few years ago. Her works are neither figurative nor abstract. They engage the visitors into a strange connection with time, not by laboriously explicative forms but by simple strokes. The connection between time and the world is translated by the traces of pencils on paper. Come and feel the time in this charming gallery house in Simiane-la-Rotonde.

Martine Cazin: an Atemporal Benedictine?

Her works are composed of a series of individual strokes drawn with pencils graded from 6B to 9H on paper in format 50 x 70 cm or 70 x 100 cm. Martine Cazin has recently experimented her drawings with transparent plastic layers in big architectural format 165 x 55 cm, giving an evanescent effect like the Indian ink.

Her strokes are short, repetitive, “counted”, often parallel but sometimes they “touch” each other softly. They are the guardians who open the door to a world where we often hesitate to enter. Martine Cazin whispers on the sofa, “They are strokes, simple strokes that mark the time, uniqueness and multitude. They allow us to get lost and meet again, to feel the presence and be off to the absence. The memory fades and days escaped from us.” But why? Is there a possibility to recapture or even keep this memory?

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One Place, One Work

To understand a work of art or to be carried away by it, it is sometimes important to take a step back. But here, we are overwhelmed simply by the style. The environment enlivens the works. The art gallery is also the house of the artist. This “private” space has nonetheless disturbed time. A house, a space for personal life, an art gallery – who and what? La Maison de Brian, art contemporain, the name of the gallery tells it all.

Practical Information:

Martine Cazin – Maison de Brian, art contemporain – Simiane-la-Rotonde

Open daily from 15 :00 – 19 :00. Reservation required.

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